first-class honours degree

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A WOMAN who beat drug addiction to get a first-class honours degree and a successful career took her own life after struggling to cope with the stress of moving home, changing jobs and a love split.
Yesterday he got his results and he will graduate with a first-class honours degree.
At Oxford University she achieved a first-class honours degree at the age of 13.
After gaining a first-class honours degree in history at Swansea University, I attended the University of Cambridge to complete my Postgraduate Certificate in Education.
AN engineering apprentice is making her mark at a major multi-national company after being awarded a first-class honours degree.
Yinka gained a first-class honours degree in electrical engineering before working in the telecommunications industry.
She graduated with a first-class honours degree in mathematics from St Andrews University then completed a PhD at Glasgow University.
He went on to achieve a first-class honours degree in human biology and infectious diseases, and had started a career outside rugby.
They are also accused of making a false statement under the Trade Descriptions Act by claiming that Andrew Baxter UK Racing Investments was run by a man who graduated with a double first-class honours degree in business studies from Cambridge University when this was untrue.
The 20-year-old Skelmanthorpe advertising and marketing student graduated with a first-class honours degree at Lancaster University last month.
Thank you for a nice story in our Telegraph and congratulations to Kate on her successful "double-act" - giving birth to baby Grace and earning a first-class honours degree.
Boasting a first-class honours degree in Greek and Latin, the Coldplay frontman also read Ancient World Studies at University College L ondon.
A mum-of-three is also looking forward to a career in teaching after securing a first-class honours degree on her return to education.