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emergency care given before regular medical aid can be obtained

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First-aider Norman Muir, 46, who also works in the office at the firm, based in Howwood, Renfrewshire, was also accused of drinking alcohol.
Alex and first-aider colleagues Mike Crothers, Rachel Davies, Jen Ward and duty doctor Patrick Tung, administered oxygen and, when a defibrillator was brought, safely shocked Gordon's heart until paramedics arrived and he was taken to hospital.
Barclays admitted it was cautious about staff giving help, even to customers in its premises, as the first-aider could be sued A spokesman said: "Given UK laws, a first-aider providing care is held responsible if something goes wrong.
The court heard Davies was suspended and then resigned from his role as a Red Cross first-aider.
Edna, mum to Susan Cooper and son Stephen, said: "I've loved being a first-aider and I am going to miss it.
He collapsed immediately and the first-aiders and stretcherbearers rushed on to the park.
A student nurse hired in the capacity of first-aider cannot be referred to by the title "nurse," as the student is not registered, nor licensed (Mass, 1998).
Bosses ruled precautions were necessary for the wheelchange feature so a paramedic and first-aider were called in.
AN emergency first-aider today spoke of his shock at being scrambled to attend his own suspected heart attack.
The qualified first-aider pulled into a service station and locked his son in the car before racing to the scene to see if he could help the crew.
The lady on duty, called Mary, insisted on getting a first-aider to come and take a look.
It has been reported that trained first-aider Mr Baty, of Brackla, was attempting to help someone in a car park when he was attacked.
The first-aider worked for several months to prove his competence in 24 different areas including emergency care, communication, leisure, life skills, society and knowledge of the Order of St John.
I am myself a first-aider and think that more people should learn how to save a life.
Eric, 50, formed the club 26 years ago and also has other unofficial duties at the club as kit man, first-aider, matchday programme editor, after-match refreshments co-ordinator, marketing and publicity manager and Lotto draw master.