first offender

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someone convicted for the first time

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Taking into consideration that the convict is a first offender, the court sentenced the convict as follows.:
First offenders are likely to have driven drunk before.
The bill will also double the length of the statutory suspension, making it 12 months instead of six where a first-time offender has refused to take a blood, breath, or urine test for chemicals, and six instead of three for first offenders who have taken the test and failed.
I have just read in Nouvel Observateur of French success with electronic ankle bracelet monitoring devices for first offenders, (except sex offenders).
Multiple Regression Analysis Against First Offender Membership (N=60 First Offenders & 226 JROTC Cadets)
"The suspect may be a first offender and a bread winner but what he did betrays him as a pastor, the suspect should behave in a civilised manner as a religious leader," he said.The court noted that prosecution had proved the case beyond reasonable doubt.
A sheriff at Stirling sheriff court said Luke Clark's actions on April 21, 2014 were so serious it was his duty to impose a jail term, even though he was a first offender with no previous convictions.
The first offender is described as white, 6ft tall with a muscular build, wearing black tracksuit bottoms and a black jacket.
"You know what Tucker, you're not a first offender with me.
The first offender was aged between 19 and 24, 6ft tall, of medium build and had short dark hair.
The first offender was described as white, with short light brown hair, around 16 years old and of an athletic build.
The first offender is described as slim, approximately 6ft, in his late teens or early 20s.
The first offender is described as white, with short shaven brown hair, around 5ft 11ins tall with distinctive scars across his throat and neck.
Sheriff Robert Younger said he had escaped jail because he was a first offender and of "good character".
Federal sentencing guidelines provide a sentence of six months to one year, with possible probation, for conviction of a first offender on the charge.