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the lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle

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With a financial base built on upon the 20 year success of Vital Enterprises, an Oregon technology firm with revenues approaching $40 million, First Gear Project has been spearheaded by racing driver Guy Cosmo and his wife Louisa.
The publication cites problems with the first Gear not living up to hype generated ahead of its announcement and a high price ($300/[pounds sterling]190) as reasons why Samsung is looking to quickly launch another Gear.
No disrespect to my previous opponents but I've not been out of first gear with these lads.
But McIntosh criticised referee Tim Hayes for preventing the game getting out of first gear.
he incident occurred when the actor put the first gear instead of reverse during his return from a nightclub, in Willebroek, Belgium.
With 10-speed transmission, the 72/84 produces 1,809,561 pounds of continuous thrust and 300,999 foot-pounds of maximum torque at 8 rpm in first gear.
The five-year-old never came out of first gear and still had 11 lengths in hand at the finish.
In race one, Shaikh Hamad burnt rubber from the get-go to maintain his lead as Al Khan struggled to overcome a technical malfunction with his first gear, resulting in a slow start.
BLUES never got out of first gear during a poor opening to last night's reserve match at Motspur Park.
West Ham failed to get out of first gear against Rovers and on another day could have lost.
We never got out of first gear and once you fall behind to an early goal you're left chasing the game and that makes you vulnerable at the back, which is what happened to us.
The company's first gear test rig has been running since 2005.
According to Automotive News, the system turns the engine off when the vehicle comes to a halt, with the engine restarting once the driver depresses the clutch to engage first gear.
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