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The same source said that another proposal was made to raise the water rate by 322% (190 pounds) for the first degree consumers, 380% (120 pounds) for the second degree consumers and 366% (70 pounds) for the third degree consumers.
Egypt Post Chairman Khaled Negm requested all Egypt Post departments launch an investigation into first degree relatives of employees working within the same departments and sectors in the company.
The survey covered students graduating from publicly-funded and self-financing full-time locally-accredited first degree and sub-degree programmes in 2010.
Water level at the Bulgarian city of Vidin on the Danube river has reached 775 cm which is prompting the country to declare first degree alert.
The jury's verdict in each case was the same - guilty of murder in the first degree.
The guard, 29, who sustained first degree burns to his face and scalp, was patrolling the fenced grounds of the factory where he works when the incident occurred at around 9pm, he told police.
Arwa bint Ali Alsayed of Riyadh&'s Armed Forces Hospital was granted King Abdulaziz Medallion of the First Degree.
Graham Hiles, 52, was one of two Teesside workers who suffered first degree burns in the flash fire at the ConocoPhillips site at Seal Sands on July 19, 2006.
It was later found Mrs Parnell had advanced heart disease - but Whitfield still faces first degree murder.
The judge's ruling came on the same day a grand jury charged Tarloff with first degree murder, first-degree assault, first-degree attempted robbery, second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder.
Indeed, the jury could well have found premeditation and deliberation for murder in the first degree upon this evidence.
Lionel was arrested and charged as an adult with first degree murder.
Caroline, who plays Johanna in First Degree, joins a sexy young cast which promises to steam up our television screens this autumn.
The 53-year-old man, who was under the influence of a controlled substance, was arrested on August 6 and charged with Aggravated Murder in the First Degree.