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the child of your aunt or uncle

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Among consanguineous marriages, marriages with husband being a first cousin from the father's side were the most common, closely followed by husband being the first cousin from the mother's side.
It found that 1,130 (20 per cent) of Emiratis married their first cousins, 294 (five per cent) married their second cousins and 494 (seven per cent) married distant cousins.
VICTIM Thomas FAMILY HELL Jim Menzies, right, angrily condemned his "evil" first cousin Allan, left
By no means is this a romance, but the casual attraction between the first cousins is a little strange.
My aunt married a first cousin and had two children, both of whom died young.
While the risk of having a child with poor health in cousin marriage is very slight, it is still something that all first cousin couples should take into consideration before tying a knot.
First cousin marriage isn't a sure fire recipe for congenital defects.
At a conference in Doha on Wednesday, Teebi spoke of potential problems of first cousin marriages.
First cousin of the Queen who became famous as the official photographer at the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1981.
However, since these are subject to change, what is to prevent first cousin marriage from gaining popularity?
As with us all Dai had faults but, as his first cousin, I loved him and the world is a duller place without him.
When she found out it was his first cousin, the pain was even worse.
Charles Darwin married his first cousin, Emma Wedgewood.
HEMP may be a first cousin to marijuana, but that's no reason to justify the continued ban on the useful plant.
My first cousin once removed, who I refer to as my aunt, Peggy Tishman, was the first president of UJA.
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