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the child of your aunt or uncle

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Among consanguineous marriages, marriages with husband being a first cousin from the father's side were the most common, closely followed by husband being the first cousin from the mother's side.
In fact the accused is first cousin of former federal minister Anwar Saifullah and is admitted into the latters hospital.
Cerebral palsy appears to have a genetic component, with increased risk extending to third-degree relatives (first cousins), according to findings from a population-based cohort study.
Consanguineous marriages were classified by the degree of relatedness between parents: first cousins (F= 1/16), first cousins once removed (F=1/32), second cousins (F=1/64), and beyond second cousins (F<1/64).
From a sample of nearly 11,000 births between 2007 and 2011, more than 2,000 babies were born to first cousin parents- predominately from the city's large Pakistani population, the Independent reported.
It found that 1,130 (20 per cent) of Emiratis married their first cousins, 294 (five per cent) married their second cousins and 494 (seven per cent) married distant cousins.
Susannah is stuck on board sailing ship Athena's Secret with bickering parents, her attractive first cousin Martin, and a crewmember named Axel who will not stop hitting on her.
Yasin's donor was a first cousin of the patient and a 23year-old university student.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 The Pet Shop Boys; 2 Kenya; 3 Coal, oil and natural gas; 4 Judges; 5 First cousin; 6 Mick Garvey; 7 Pinot noir; 8 Fozzie; 9 The Victoria Cross; 10 Bob Hope.
"I wouldn't say that my parents pressured me, but I felt that society expected it," said Noor, who married her first cousin when she was 19.
* Pre-reproductive death percentage increases among first cousin married couples.
One of Francis and Auguste's daughters, Victoria, is the mother of British Queen Victoria, who is first cousin with August, son of Ferdinand, one of Francis and Auguste's sons.
However, the picture for first cousin marriages is not as grim as portrayed here.
Laura's fourth generation McBride first cousin: Helen M.
At a conference in Doha on Wednesday, Teebi spoke of potential problems of first cousin marriages.
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