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the child of your aunt or uncle

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It found that 1,130 (20 per cent) of Emiratis married their first cousins, 294 (five per cent) married their second cousins and 494 (seven per cent) married distant cousins.
VICTIM Thomas FAMILY HELL Jim Menzies, right, angrily condemned his "evil" first cousin Allan, left
My aunt married a first cousin and had two children, both of whom died young.
First cousin marriage isn't a sure fire recipe for congenital defects.
As it happens, Lee Lozano ["Making Waves: The Legacy of Lee Lozano," October] was my first cousin and close friend as well as my all-too-frequent houseguest in Dallas in the years 1982-86.
Although Frankenheimer's ham-handed directorial approach makes Seconds resemble a feature-length first cousin of an old Twilight Zone episode, the movie is nonetheless worth seeing for the black-and-white cameraman and the surrealistic, fun-house-mirror distortions of master cinematographer James Wong Howe, who won an Academy Award for Hud; Jerry Goldsmith's evocatively queasy score; and a screenful of anxiety-ridden supporting performances.
For goo-goo ("good government") types, impact fees have the obvious attraction of being even more thoroughly hidden than their first cousin, the value-added tax.
Joining Snapple's popular line-up of real-brewed iced teas is Mango Tea, first cousin to Snapple's best-selling Mango Madness(TM) Fruit Drink.
Darwin's malady began when he was 30 years old, shortly after he married his first cousin, Emma Wedgwood, a devoutly religious woman.
com) and first cousin to the late Tupac Shakur stated; "We believe that this example of special Event programming is a view into a wave of future collaborations between cable, satellite and IP delivery in a highly stylized, branded format.
He said that a general belief that first cousin marriages lead to negative genetic outcomes was wrong and a large majority of children born to first cousins are healthy.
Aamir Imtiaz drove up from London to comfort his family following the death of his 21-year-old first cousin Haroon Jahan, who died alongside the brothers.
And everybody knows it's caused by first cousin marriage.
When I meet people and they say what do you do, I say, I sell blimps," said Edward Pevzner, the company's business development manager and Pasternak's first cousin.
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