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(baseball) the person who plays first base

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The Yankees lack a legitimate backup first baseman, and catcher Brian McCann made his first professional start at the position Wednesday night," Fox Sports reported.
On pop fly balls in the infield, the second baseman has priority over the first baseman and the shortstop has priority over the third baseman, especially on balls hit beyond the bases.
The fungo hitter hits ground balls to each infielder, who must throw to first, where the first baseman will throw to third base.
In return, the Dodgers have agreed to send first baseman James Loney, second baseman Ivan De Jesus Jr.
The 1950 - 63 era representatives are Joseph Pusateri, a sure-handed center fielder who played until he was sixty-eight years old; and Gerald Witry, a first baseman who played with some of the greatest players of softball early years.
And James Loney, the rookie first baseman who was playing only because Nomar Garciaparra couldn't, was certifiably insane.
Kenny Lofton followed with another potential double-play ball, which would have ended the inning, to first baseman Todd Helton.
A good example of the way the priority list works would be on the short pop-up down the right-field line or which the right fielder, second baseman, and first baseman all have a chance to make the play.
Injured first baseman Cesar Nicolas (shoulder) was 1 for 4 with a double in Tuesday's 6-5 victory over the Storm, his first game back in nearly a week.
In 1934, New York Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig became the first athlete ever to appear on a Wheaties box.
He should make the first baseman (or third baseman) field the ball or at least make the pitcher work to get to the ball.
While the Dodgers prepared to get through one day with a 24-man roster, a concession to the fact first baseman Nomar Garciaparra is expected to return from the disabled list today, the man who temporarily replaced Garciaparra prepared for what lies ahead.
We called up Specs and told him that the technique had changed over the years (after he went blind) and that the first baseman was now setting up at the inside back corner of the bag.
With no runners on base, we want our first baseman to play as deep as possible.
We're hitting some balls hard, but they're right at people,'' said Dodgers first baseman Nomar Garciaparra, who went hitless for the second game in a row on the heels of a 22-game hitting streak.