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first or lowest balcony


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At the upstage end of the thrust a staircase, its varnish cracked and wallpaper peeled off below it, rose in 12 steps to the level of the first balcony and then, turning back on itself, carried on to the second balcony.
So as I sit there, B203 in the first balcony, I can sense in some small way the waves of connection, of emotion, flowing back and forth across the stage.
The entertainer sang his hits ``Daybreak'' and parts of ``Copacabana'' and ``I Made It Through the Rain'' while a group of construction workers in jeans and work boots sat in the first balcony, hard hats lined up on the floor.
Artisans employed to teach the orphans trades were to sit in the first balcony, and "sinful women" in the second.
Less obvious is that in an American theater, the first upper floor often is called the mezzanine, the second is the first balcony and the third is the second balcony.
Then, composer Lebo M and singer Tsidii Leloka, backed with a full African ensemble, sang "He Lives In You" and "The Circle of Life" from "The Lion King" from seats in the first balcony.
Courtside seats are priced at $35, the rest of the floor and first balcony cost $25, the second balcony is $20 and the third balcony is $10.
But by the time the men came on an hour later, the 5,000 seats on the floor level and first balcony were nearly full, and the crowd was buzzing from the women's performance.
game are priced from $12 to $25, with reserved seating at floor level and in the first balcony.
Golden, you obviously have never had to sit in the back of the first balcony at McArthur Court.
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