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first or lowest balcony


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So as I sit there, B203 in the first balcony, I can sense in some small way the waves of connection, of emotion, flowing back and forth across the stage.
Then, composer Lebo M and singer Tsidii Leloka, backed with a full African ensemble, sang "He Lives In You" and "The Circle of Life" from "The Lion King" from seats in the first balcony.
The main performance hall will boast 1,100 seats at the orchestra level; 550 seats at the first balcony and an additional 350 seats at the upper balcony for optimal acoustic capabilities.
Courtside seats are priced at $35, the rest of the floor and first balcony cost $25, the second balcony is $20 and the third balcony is $10.
But by the time the men came on an hour later, the 5,000 seats on the floor level and first balcony were nearly full, and the crowd was buzzing from the women's performance.
The third Royal Caribbean ship to undergo extensive renovations in recent years, Sovereign's most visible additions are 62 new balconies, creating the ship's first balcony staterooms.
game are priced from $12 to $25, with reserved seating at floor level and in the first balcony.
Sovereign, which offers year-round three- and four-night Bahamas cruises from Port Canaveral, also added 62 individual balconies on Deck 10, creating the ship's first balcony staterooms.
Renovations will touch nearly every square foot of Sovereign, with the most visible addition being new balconies for 62 suites on Deck 10, creating the first balcony staterooms for the ship.
Golden, you obviously have never had to sit in the back of the first balcony at McArthur Court.
At 9,087-seat Mac Court, that would be the seats on the floor level and the first balcony.
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