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emergency care given before regular medical aid can be obtained

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In order to provide a safe working environment for its staff, The Highland Council requires the provision of first aid training services at 4 levels as set out below:
Now the charity is launching a new TV advert aimed at encouraging more people to learn basic first aid.
The charity will be giving free first aid demonstrations at locations in Coventry, Rugby, Nuneaton and Leamington.
Residents in Newcastle can learn these vital skills at The Beacon Community Hub on September 3 and the Leamington Centre on September 17 Tony Brewis, District Manager (North), St John Ambulance, said: "Learning first aid is one of the single most important things you can do in your life.
The First Aid Training Courses we run are approved by several bodies, including the government's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Ofsted, which evaluates the quality of education providers.
Talking to a group of journalists here he said the philosophy behind First Aid is to save lives, prevent physical disability and alleviate human suffering by responding with available resources to daily emergencies, disasters or conflict situations where health
It's also a good idea to keep a small first aid kit in the car for emergencies.
Keith Dunn, chief executive of the charity, which is nowknown as St John Wales, said: "We believe first aid is as essential as learning to ride a bike or learning to swim.
That means having medical and first aid supplies in a central location in your home, out of reach of small children.
Camp staff training including ARC Responding to Emergencies First Aid and ARC CPR for the Professional Rescuer.
PC Handyman has the same CrashGuard and Anti-Freeze protection as the meatier Norton Utilities, but its diagnostic abilities lack the depth of First Aid 97 and WINProbe 95.
com)-- Based on the skills and expertise of firefighters and paramedics, these summer courses are designed to provide hands-on experience for those seeking to learn certified first aid procedures.
Her first aid skills meant Amy was able to keep the 22-year-old alive until paramedics arrived.
31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --SimpleCPR, the leader in First Aid and CPR certification online, is proud to announce that their courses have just become more accessible than ever
Contract notice: organisational first aid at work, paediatric first aid and food hygiene training.