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(computer science) coded instructions that are stored permanently in read-only memory

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Firmware updates are typically more of a pain for companies to produce and are less commonplace than a standard operating system update.
SAN-attached storage devices will no longer be limited to a factory-installed firmware.
The Phoenix SecureCore solution is based on firmware technology that ensures notebook computers deliver the highest level of security features available, starting with StrongROM, an enhanced, embedded cryptographic engine that authenticates and protects the firmware.
Since it is a minor firmware update, users should expect common changes such as bug fixes, enhancements and optimisations.
modelid=24176) PTCRB posted a newly certified firmware for Sony Xperia Z1S or the United States variant of Xperia Z1.
We are very pleased that STMicroelectronics is working with Intel to supply Firmware Hubs to our 800 Series Hub Architecture chipset customers," said Gidu Shroff, Vice-President for Intel's Technology & Manufacturing Group.
The processor with embedded firmware also supports UPnP interoperability along with infrared remote control functionality and interfaces to both embedded and external LCD options.
3 Google Play Edition and Sony Xperia Z1 Compact while Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra upcoming firmware has been certified by PTCRB.
Doucet continued, "Not only do we provide the most comprehensive level of firmware and driver software on the market, we also developed, support and maintain it ourselves, eliminating support delays and royalty costs associated with third-party software alternatives.
4 KitKat would come to Samsung devices from Galaxy series soon, a new report has claimed that the firmware update would be available for the devices, including Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 LTE and Galaxy S4 Mini in May and June.
World's Most Popular FireWire[TM] Audio Processor and Firmware Platform Adds New Digital Interface Capabilities
2 firmware update for the Xperia Z may hit really soon with the certification for two versions of the firmware actively moving on the horizon.
New Firmware Enhancements for the McDATA Intrepid FICON Converter
Insufficient on-chip support for secure firmware distribution and Flash memory updates.
The STDC8080 and its associated firmware controls all of the major photo printer product functions while at the same time producing photographic quality prints.