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a British unit of capacity equal to 9 imperial gallons

a small wooden keg

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The Queen's Vaults had always kept its original sign, but now all trace of the Fly Half and Firkin name has been removed and a new sign has also been added.
Among pubs opening early to show the 9am kick-off is the Flanker and Firkin, in Greyfriars Lane, The Gatehouse Tavern, in Warwick Road, the Litten Tree in Warwick Road and The Bulls Head, in Binley Road.
Flyhalf and Firkin, Westgate Street, Cardiff Lime House Lizzy, rock tribute, 7.
Words of wisdom: "I used to get wound up by Firkin pubs changing their names to something ridiculous like The Cobbled Newt.
The 28-year-old met three men in the Flanker and Firkin in Greyfriars Lane, city centre, before leaving alone.
The company has decided to reject fatuous monikers like The Florence and Firkin and The Lazy Fox in favour of restoring a venerable Birmingham pub to its proper name - The Golden Cross.
The Allied chain includes the Scruffy Murphy's and Firkin pubs.
The free e-booklet charts the pair's journey through the city beginning at the canalside Flapper and Firkin music venue in Kingston Row near the International Convention Centre and working through a menu of the writers' favourite hostelries such as The Victoria and The Sunflower Lounge until they reach the Actress & Bishop in Ludgate Hill.
St Charles acting head Ann Firkin said: "We told the boys about the damage and showed them photographs and they apologised.
Over four months, starting in October, ten finalists will get the opportunity to train with professional artists such as John McCrea - who has worked on some of the biggest names in the industry including Batman, X-Men and Spider-Man - and Hunt Emerson, whose credits include Firkin The Cat and Kev F Sutherland, 2000AD.
In one week he can make up to 20 firkins of ale (one firkin is a 72 pint barrel).
Twenty-one men women and children from Yardley, in Birmingham, 'invaded' the Fly Half & Firkin pub yesterday to announce: 'We're here - and we're going home with the Cup'.
Beginning with its India Pale Ale, the brewery will produce limited quantities of cask-conditioned ales in British Firkin barrels, and will work with on-premise accounts to teach proper handling and serving of the beers.
Licensing bosses in Aberdeen vetoed plans to rename the Holborn Bar The Flare and Firkin because they didn't like the word "Firkin".
The Firkin buns were just too dry, I prefer a little more fruit" Marjorie Howe, 83