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a British unit of capacity equal to 9 imperial gallons

a small wooden keg

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But the endless F-something & Firkin names were weird verging on irritating - Feller (Erdington), Faculty (Gosta Green/Aston Uni), Factotum (Bennetts Hill), Fieldmouse (The Fighting Cocks, Moseley), and the Flapper and Firkin, as it continued to be known until 2009, long after the Bass takeover.
I think it will be in about six months' time." | Fun Done will be released on April 15 and on sale at the Fleece and Firkin gig.
Led by son Cennydd, and cheered on by his wife Mannon, Firkin was placed ahead of the Commercials leader, Andy Pandy - a 13-month Limousin x steer from Dylan Hughes, Ty Cerrig.
When told the Olympics begins three weeks after the 2012 Euros end, and continues well into August, meaning all players involved will miss the start of the new season and be knackered when they return, exactly zero per cent said they gave a flying firkin about it.
7, as the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints battled in Super Bowl XLIV, the Firkin and Pheasant in Chicago was filled with fans.
There will be 72 pints - a firkin - of each variety.
But the yew, which stands just off the A82 near Firkin, is struggling to survive.
The event, emceed by BridgePort brewmaster Karl Ockert, featured the tapping of a firkin of Old Knucklehead, the unvelling of the label featuring Eckhardt's likeness, and the imprinting of Eckhardt's knuckles, which will be install in the pub for posterity alongside the imprints of the previous "Knuckleheads." Attendees held up cutout "Fred heads" on wooden sticks in honor of Eckhardt, as the writer signed the labels on bottles of beer.
In ten years' time there will be parents with kids at their side watching Dunstan Excelsior reserves versus the Dog and Firkin on a Sunday morning pub pitch.
Made famous by that memorable day in 1968 when Gary Sobers blasted six sixes from the nearby St Helen's ground peppering The Cricketers with flying balls, the pub has laboured under the name of The Fine Leg and Firkin for the past four years.
New Zealand's Mutton Birds famously flew 1,200 miles to play a gig at the Flapper & Firkin, as it was previously known.
The Flapper And Firkin pub, on Cambrian Wharf - close to the Barclaycard Arena - is set to be demolished to make way for 80 new apartments.
And he has 'draughted' in a man behind the successful Firkin Brewery chain - Ireland-based Brendan Dobbin - to help install the Llysfaen vats and other equipment.
A smash and grab Crimbo has been lined up with gigs at Fleece and Firkin (Bristol), Clwb Ifor Bach (Cardiff) and the Camden Underworld (London).