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Four times less tissue slippage during firing compared to Endo GIA[TM] Reloads with Tri-Staple[TM] technology for unsurpassed staple performance
The engine at this point does not have a cooling system, which will be developed later, so firings are of a very short duration.
Camp is a perfect environment for introducing children to clay and the thrill of forming, decorating, and firing.
When the bar position changed, the number of spikes sent along one of the visual neurons didn't change, but the pattern of firing -- the spacing of spikes in the spike train -- did change in a very reproducible way.
Workplace fraud, absenteeism and harassment accounted for 74 of the 95 firings in the period covered by this review.
Other critics of the firings say that making a midseason switch amounts to throwing in the towel.
Less than four months into 1998, the Police Department already has exceeded the 11 firings in 1997 and 13 in all of 1996.
And Hollywood producer Harry Thomason, who has emerged as a central figure in the controversial firings, told the same House investigators the first lady had said to him the workers ``ought to be gotten out.
Though the ruling isn't expected to have much effect on firings, legal and labor experts said the decision will affect the way industries justify decisions about whom to cut from their work force.