firing range

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a practice range for target practice

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MT2 works closely with range owners to implement firing range Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect shooters and the environment.
Firing range The DDA has in its probe, found that it had in 1984 allotted 333 acres of land to Delhi Police.
The Rhewl Firing Range Complex, based in the former Craig y Ddywart quarry in Rhewl, opened in 1998 and is credited as being among the best of its kind in Britain.
After seeing two firing range photos Davis posted on Twitter, Boston police notified federal authorities.
The parents who brought their child to Bullets And Burgers' firing range won't face any charges either.
Indian Army has asked the state government to re-notify the 11200 hectares of Tosa Maidan land as a firing range till 2034.
James' parents of Redhill, Surrey, and fiancee Anastasia Newman were told his death on the insecure firing range outside the safety of Camp Bastion was almost certainly avoidable.
After taking his first shots on the firing range, says Swofford, "I was hooked.
A firing range was erected along the wall of the athletic building wall for another scene, while the campus' central boat bay doubled as a police headquarters conference room.
The school is a few miles from a military firing range.
The death of an RAF serviceman who was shot in the back on a firing range is being treated as an accident, police said yesterday.
The centre is needed to provide space for a firing range for training.
Chapter coordinator Caywood is a native of rural Oklahoma who recently told Baltimore Su columnist Susan Reimer that after arriving in Massachusetts, "A friend of mine from Kansas who grew up around guns, too, suggested that we go to the firing range to take a break from finals.
A NEW police firing range has been closed down three times in three months after officers were injured by spent shells.