firing off

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the act of discharging a gun

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Reduce the number of emails you send by delegating a list of tasks in one e-mail instead of firing off a new message with every single idea.
After a few plays, the O linemen will stop firing off the ball and become a target for a straight-ahead charge by the D line.
Black, never short of polysyllabic ammunition, roared back by firing off from his base in London, England, a riposte so scorching it risked melting the presses on which the Calgary Herald is printed.
Steve was also firing off a letter to the governor of North Carolina, objecting to state promotion of a "Christian heritage" essay contest in local high schools.
ROAMING MESSENGER is an elegant and secure means for existing business applications to extend their reach into the mobile world by firing off 'Messengers' into the mobile world; talk to people; talk to other systems, and bring that information back to the internal business application in real-time.
What I have a problem with are all the illegal fireworks, as in bottle rockets and firecrackers that you see kids and parents firing off out on the street in front of their houses.
TEENAGER Barry de Lacey landed his dad with a pounds 216 bill after firing off more than 2,500 text messages to his friends in a month.
Firing off the raunchiest and most outrageous of Shores' quips, Dickey and Ballard are perfectly capable of stealing the show out from under the boys' well-painted noses.