firing line

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the line from which soldiers deliver fire

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the most advanced and responsible group in an activity

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Rachel Silverson, Firing Line Museum curator, said: "The Firing Line Museum is honoured to host this exhibition commemorating the battle and all those British soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their country.
Players as good as Johnny and Dan have to realise they are in the firing line.
During the half-term holiday Firing Line is taking part in the Welsh Museums Festival with family activities planned throughout the week.
Firing Line earned 50 Derby qualifying points for the win, and now ranks sixth with 58 points.
It's an opportunity for everyone in the industry--from CEOs to those who work on the factory floor--to step away from the computers and machinery and step up to the firing line.
JOURNALISM in the firing line comes under the spotlight in a one woman show at Wolverhampton's Arena Theatre tonight.
STEVE KEAN believes the FA should consider taking Mark Clattenburg out of the firing line after he was at the centre of another controversial incident.
In the past, many ranges--particularly police ranges--were comprised of a single, wide firing line.
Put himself in the firing line when others would have joined the back of the queue.
If it is not Strictly Come Dancing in the firing line, then it is Radio Two.
The high numbers claiming incapacity at such a young age will be in the firing line.
But secondly, he should be in the firing line from his voters.
That position put him in the firing line last night as new figures showed the North-East is already suffering from huge under-investment in its vital transport infrastructure.
Robert Grossman for sharing his experience of being fired from a job ("On the Firing Line," The Physician Executive, July/August 2006).
With the equipment we have, we're like martyrs on a firing line.