firing chamber

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chamber that is the part of a gun that receives the charge


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This cylinder matched the parameters of an explosives firing chamber featured in publications" written by a former Soviet nuclear scientist that Iran hired in the 1990s.
The law also covered some other semi-automatic rifles that are used with detachable magazines - devices that hold ammunition and feed the bullets into the firing chamber automatically.
357 SIG cartridges in its magazine and an 11th safely in its firing chamber.
He was examining a 9mm Beretta pistol when a bullet lodged in its firing chamber fired and hit Jamwal's head at the INS Dronacharya, a training centre.
In traditional firearms, such as the M249, the firing chamber is attached to the barrel.
A bullet was already in the firing chamber and six more in the gun's magazine, Swansea Crown Court heard.
Council planning officer David Wells said there could be no guarantee attempts to sound-proof the Proof House firing chamber would be successful.
A semiautomatic weapon fires one bullet - and automatically reloads the firing chamber - each time the trigger is pulled.
17 cubic foot firing chamber is made of 3" insulating firebricks.
One of the most versatile, the 90 percent efficient CompleteHeat by Lennox Industries, employs a "3-in-1" firing chamber that offers you:
Unburned carbon content can be further reduced in a commercial scale LEBS by recycling the fly ash into the firing chamber.
Thinking the gun was unloaded, the friend unintentionally shot and killed Dix when he depressed the trigger, discharging the single round left in the gun's firing chamber.
When that happens the premeasured amount of propane is fed into the firing chamber of the cannon and a spark is introduced into the chamber, causing a "big bang".
The compressed atmosphere within the firing chamber makes life a bit more difficult for the ignition system because a stronger current is required to arc across a sparkplug's gap under those conditions.
It changes the means of delivering the air and fuel mixture to the firing chamber of an internal combustion engine and of expelling the exhaust produced when the mixture ignites.