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(usually plural) a device with an explosive that burns at a low rate and with colored flames

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TWFRS and Northumbria Police advise the public to attend organised firework displays rather than hold their own.
The youngsters also kicked a lit firework into the busy Morrison's store at Berwick Hills.
Elland Round Table Charity Bonfire and Firework Display Hullenedge Park.
A trader said, police take action against firework sellers rarely and some persons were also arrested in the past for selling fireworks.
Gateshead Thursday November 5 Gateshead Firework Display - Saltwell Park, East Park Road, Gateshead Time: Gates open at 5.
If you are wanting to go to an event in North Wales, there's plenty of spectacular bonfire and firework displays taking place across North Wales over the coming week.
HERE is some firework safety advice from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.
Fireworks not only injure users, 40 percent of firework mishaps also injure bystanders.
The storage and sale of fireworks is regulated though a licensing system and firework retailers, must be able to prove that the fireworks will be stored in accordance with strict safety provisions.
Next, the pyrotechnicians pack in pellets called "stars" that will give each firework its color.
Since October 1 fire crews across the region have dealt with numerous firework incidents, with fireworks being set off in telephone kiosks, bus shelters, in streets, and in post boxes.
The government will also draft regulations before the end of the year to enshrine in law the firework industry's current voluntary ban on airbombs.
THE RUC has also come under firework attack, with scores of officers hurt in the last month.
Until her father's innovation, pyrotechnists had detonated fireworks by placing their hands into the firework pipes, often sustaining hearing damage from the explosions.