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a storm in which violent winds are drawn into the column of hot air rising over a severely bombed area

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FIRESTORM was held amidst dirt paths where participants had to combat broken rocks, thorny Kikar trees and the occasional appearance of Neelgai and foxes.
The Firestorm pilot will use a combination of puppetry, practical effects, physical props and sets and model miniatures.
The Arab firestorm is a defining moment for the GCC countries that should takethe leadership in setting up the ABRDand provide a new vision and hope.
available GPU memory of their ZOTAC GeForce series graphics card with FireStorm
Four Essentials To Getting in Front Of the Firestorm
For example, Roger Schank's recent comment "We have got to get rid of the library metaphor or school will always be the same: an experience to be endured rather than relished," unleashed a firestorm of controversy about schools and libraries.
Chemtura offers a broad range of products to vegetable producers including Terracolor and Procure fungicides, Firestorm and Alanap herbicides, Dimilin and Rimon insecticides, plus Comite and Acramite miticides.
Not surprisingly, word of plans for internet postage quickly generated a firestorm of controversy.
I think they knew they were starting a firestorm," he said.
The nationally televised incident, which was intended to discourage public displays of affection, set off a firestorm of criticism against police brutality and revealed a generational divide in a culture where dating is frowned upon.
The heat and tornadic winds of the firestorm had melted railroad car wheels, leveled buildings, and uprooted the charred remains of trees.
During Firestorm 2003, about 3,000 Emergency Social Services volunteers assisted over 37,000 evacuees.
The next day, the house was destroyed by the worst urban firestorm California had known: 3,000 homes and 1,600 square acres were destroyed.
A related story of disputed use of original literary material has created its own firestorm.