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a mixture of gases (mostly methane) that form in coal mines and become explosive when mixed with air

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He related the human predicament of the miners, threatened by terrible explosions of firedamp, to the scientific solution found in the laboratory.
The mine collapse in the Mustafakemalpasa town of Bursa on December 10, 2009 killed 19 workers while a firedamp explosion in Dursunbey, Balikesir on February 23, 2010 killed 17 workers.
There was a firedamp explosion, roof cave-in, and flooding in the Allegheny Anthracite Company Mine No.
Thus, addressing the journalist's need to measure and define "le social" by its quotient of scandal, he remarks of the mining industry that the real scandal "is not the firedamp but the work in the mines"; again, alluding to generalized social unrest, of a type that preoccupies the media only when it erupts into violence (exceptional, sensational, and spectacular violence at that), he proffers the pious commonplace that such social unrest is intolerable all the year round.
It was caused by a build up of firedamp (methane) gas being ignited.
The disaster, which was probably caused by firedamp being ignited, killed 439 miners and one rescue worker.
However, Dincer said the cause of the blast could be firedamp.
The accident was caused by ignition of firedamp (methane) which then triggered a coal dust explosion.
Yildiz who briefed reporters on rescue efforts in the site of firedamp explosion Tuesday in Zonguldak said the debris had to be cleaned, before rescue teams could continue looking for trapped miners.