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a heat-resistant clay

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Lucy Steele, one of the residents, said: "This scheme would involve using 18-tonne tipper lorries, fully laden, to carry the fireclay away and replace it with fill material.
The industry was well supported by plentiful local supplies of coal and fireclay and was in its heyday around the end of the 18th century.
Fireclay was used for the crucibles they melted glass in, using a combination of sand, red lead, potash and saltpetre, heating the combination to around 1,400 degrees centigrade.
Marry solid timber doors and a fireclay sink with contemporary handles and unusual lighting fixtures - and don't be afraid to incorporate a splash of colour into your wooden galley to mix things up a bit.
Although Fireclay Tile relies on old materials to convert to its handmade tiles, the San Jose, Calif.
It is matter of research as to why is it found only in this place, when there is so much mineral reserve in the nearby area-China clay is available, sand stone is found, fireclay is also found.
The predominate recipe was a cone 04 terracotta that used RedArt, Fireclay ballclay and different grogs.
Murray -- HAMLET HOMES' mixed-use, transit-oriented community (TOD), Birkhill at Fireclay in the heart of Murray City, was honored with the Governor's Quality Growth Awards.
27m tonnes of coal and 500,000 tonnes of brick fireclay.
Secondary baths feature Kohler vanity with Imperial Danby marble counter and floor, while the powder rooms, with their unique Ann Sacks stone mosaic floors and Kohler Fireclay pedestal sinks, provide a further touch of luxury.
All these ingredients, known as the 'batch' are melted in fireclay melting pots and arranged in a circle in furnaces.
In addition to the famous seams of good quality coal which ran throughout the royalties leased by him, valuable seams of cannel coal and fireclay were discovered.
JUST RIGHT: The bathrooms throughout the house have a generous helping of Kohler plumbing products, including a Kathryn comfort-height toilet and fireclay pedestal lavatory, and Memoirs brushed nickel lavatory faucet, shower trim, and tub filler.
We have been installing Fireclay Tile for years," says Laura Ferrell.
The 31/2-mile journey begins at the east end of the town on the shores of the River Forth before heading up into the hills at Birkhill, where there is a fireclay mine, also open to the public.