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Synonyms for firebomb

a bomb that is designed to start fires

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attack with incendiary bombs

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The Palestinian foreign ministry in the West Bank city of Ramallah said it had submitted a request to the International Criminal Court to probe the firebombing and "settler terrorism".
Jurors were not allowed to consider that as evidence in the firebombing case.
A new form of vandalism has now appeared, that of firebombing banks, which are the signs of our progress as a nation, and gave Bahrain an additional name as a 'financial hub'.
Court documents say Crawford is a "potential major contributor" of DNA on a blue Maglite flashlight found near the mosque the morning of the firebombing.
William Chace had dealt with the firebombing of his office, an increasingly negative image of the university in the press, and the death of a student (not to mention Hurricane Hugo's visit to Chace's inauguration ceremony).
A COVENTRY man has walked free from the Old Bailey after being found not guilty of ordering a fatal firebombing.
State officials warned local law enforcement agencies that environmental terrorists were likely to attack SUV auto dealerships months before the August firebombing of three such businesses in the San Gabriel Valley.
Two men who gave evidence in the trial of three friends whose firebombing of a family home killed eight people were yesterday jailed for conspiring to damage cars on the night of the attack.
Britain's ambassador to Germany called the Royal Air Force firebombing of Hamburg that killed some 40,000 people 60 years ago a terrible example of the madness that swept Europe in World War Two.
Charges that they had stolen petrol from a service station in Motherwell and that the firebombing was a racially motivated attack were dropped after legal argument.
Many Americans will remember it for the firebombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, which left four little girls dead and galvanized the nation.
According to a release from the American Animal Liberation Front (ALF) office, ALF claimed credit for a September 9 firebombing at a Tucson, Arizona, McDonald's restaurant.
It was only sheer luck that Horne made a mess of hs firebombing activities, just as he made a mess of the animal rights movement by putting so many people off with his violent extremism.
Marra, who was twice arrested with Kopp during abortion demonstrations in the 1990s, and Malvasi, who served five years in prison for firebombing two abortion clinics in the 1980s, were arrested in Brooklyn, New York (Zenit, LifeSite News, http://Isn.
in the diocese of New Westminster, sustained more than $200,000 in damage after a Halloween firebombing and will likely have to be rebuilt.