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malicious burning to destroy property

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Chapter 5 is then concerned with the motivation and management of adult fire-raisers and chapter 6 with that for child fire-raisers.
Nor would I dream of excusing any such act of arson - though I'd prefer to know more about both the circumstances of the blaze and the background of the fire-raiser before condemning him to immolation, public or otherwise.
A FIRE-RAISER who torched a roll of carpet in a tenement block, forcing a family to flee, was locked up yesterday.
A MYSTERY fire-raiser caused a major alert at Glasgow Airport two years ago.
A fire-raiser who started a blaze at a tenement leading to the rescue of residents was jailed for eight and a half years yesterday after a judge condemned his "wicked crime".
Police are seeking information that will help them track down the callous fire-raiser.
Meanwhile, a team of 20 police officers are working from an incident room inside the airport in a bid to trace the fire-raiser who started last week's blaze.
As reported in last night's Chronicle, firefighters were called out eight times when a fire-raiser went on a six-hour arson spree around Heaton, torching 14 bins.
A FIRE-RAISER torched a plane after using a plank to get into a busy airport in a major breach of security yesterday.
The SNP's James Dornan, MSP for Glasgow Cathcart, Watson's former seat, added: "The fact that Labour have quietly readmitted a CONVICTED fire-raiser is an insult to all the people whose lives Mike Watson endangered.
A HERO who dragged an unconscious fire-raiser from her blazing home has earned a courtroom commendation.
The fire-raiser started several small fires inside, which burnt out.
A FIRE-RAISER who started a fatal blaze in a tenement has tried to kill himself in jail.
They have ruled out the possibility of a serial fire-raiser.
It emerged today the mystery fire-raiser, who targeted the house in Warton Terrace, Heaton, Newcastle, had taken a flammable liquid to the scene.