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an official who is responsible for managing and protecting an area of forest

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FLAT owners at a swanky Salford apartment block must foot a PS100,000 bill to pay for fire wardens following a court ruling.
The tour left a great impression on the children as some shared their thoughts on becoming pilots, aircraft engineers, firemen and fire wardens in the future," added OAMC.
Wildland fire management, including prevention and suppression, has been a traditional role of forest rangers, who were originally known as fire wardens.
Set in 1986 at the height of Cold War paranoia, you play Randall Wayne, a fire warden who finds himself one of the few survivors of an unidentified infection that's wiped out practically everyone in America.
A Chubb fire trainer delivered four full-day fire safety training courses to 150 Uniq employees at its Shrewsbury site this year; two Fire Marshal courses to managers and two Fire Warden courses to engineers.
He was a fire warden for the Douglas Forest Protective Association.
I am glad Dubai Silicon Oasis authority has conducted a Fire Warden training for the companies here and I feel pretty confident to tackle with fire break outs now
Media reports are suggesting that Eliot's letters to his three-year-old godson, descriptions of his role as a fire warden during the Blitz, and stories about his wartime problems with paper and ink shortages all paint a striking new image of a man with a benevolent, compassionate side.
Some allowances to be increased to keep pace with equivalent professionals: increase the team leader allowance payable in community settings; an allowance for nurses taking on ancillary fire warden duties; extend forensic allowance to all forensic units, not only those in Justice Health.
A draughtswoman with the MEB until she retired, Beryl worked for the local fire service as a fire warden during the last war.
Building owners may now assign the floor warden responsibility to tenants, where the fire warden responsibility was previously treated voluntarily.
In a commercial high rise, each company will have a chief fire warden and a floor captain assigned to each floor.
It may have been the fire warden who came up with the idea, because the glassmakers' foundries kept setting Venetian neighbourhoods on fires, but by creating an extraordinary cluster of glassblowing talent they made Venice the leading center for glass production and innovation in Europe.
Appoint at least one member of staff in each floor or area as a Fire Warden.