fire walking

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the ceremony of walking barefoot over hot stones or a bed of embers

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"Not only is fire walking an amazing experience, everyone who enters can be sponsored to raise money for charities that are important to them."
As part of a programme of new attractions, the team has announced fire walking for this year.
The cultural festival includes a series of religious and folkloric cultural activities and events, including festive procession, birthday celebration, and setting off of Fire Lion firecrackers, the fire walking ritual and Surname Folk Opera Series of the Folk Theater, according to Taipei's Department of Information and Tourism (DOIT).
Fire walking is actually an essential part of ancient religious ceremonies in some countries.
Last week I met up with a fire walking trainer, Lee Walls, who is based in Talgarth.
Perhaps testing my nerve with a spot of fire walking wasn't the best idea after all, I thought, as I stood gaping at the flames, knowing that, in 60 minutes my fate was to trudge down that blazing path.
Often considered as a rite of passage, as a test of an individual's strength and courage, fire walking is an ancient practice performed in several cultures across the world.
As well as fire walking there was also a fire performer, the Newcastle University Cheerleading Group and The Westoe Brass Band.
It concerns itself with such hazardous human endeavours as stunts on motorbikes, feats of strength, activities involving fire walking, escapes, beds of nails, sword swallowing, and swimming and rowing the Atlantic.
"Fire walking is an ancient and mysterious ritual, but anyone can have a go.
McCurdy, who ran an insurance agency, said the fire walking was a big part of the transition.
Bidding for 'reason' and trying to explain logic behind one of the famous rituals of fire walking, Singh walked on fire himself.
As well as great sounds, the brave can try fire walking, or if you are looking to relax there's even yoga.
I usually try to work it into something we're doing, like if we fire walking and they ask now it works, I'll give a demonstration.
Along the way he is introduced to the virtues of hiru do therapy (leech treatment), joins revellers celebrating the pagan festival of Jaani and braves the perils of fire walking.