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any of various large trucks that carry firemen and equipment to the site of a fire

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They note that the fire truck did slow down or stop due to the emergency nature of its operations, which is to fight fire disaster in the country.
Use of modern electronics and advanced digital tools will enhance the quality, efficiency and capability of the fire truck.
Between the fire truck and Casey - the main attraction for the children passing by - stood a canopy-covered table with multiple informational handouts.
We are grateful to the bases for this fire truck which will be a great help to our community in an emergency.
In the mean time, there was a fire truck covered in blood and guts at location yesterday," (https://www.
Police said the driver was pulled from the fire truck after it crashed into trees and he began fighting with police and paramedics.
The airport fire truck was heading to a warehouse blaze in the city s east when it ran into the four-wheel drive, crushing part of it.
The money generated from the tax would have been used to improve the city's drainage system, hire extra police officers and firefighters and buy new fire trucks, said Wynne Mayor Paul Nichols.
An American Airlines flight was delayed at John Wayne Airport yesterday (20 May) after a fire truck struck the aircraft.
said Monday it has developed the world's first fire truck that can transport injured people like an ambulance, and it will be put on sale next April.
Cruise, with girlfriend Penelope Cruz and his children Isabella, age nine, and Connor, seven, took the ride on a fire truck belonging to American TV chat show host Jay Leno.
A 29-year-old firefighter posted in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, in western Japan, was found to have driven a fire truck and an ambulance on 175 occasions while his license was suspended, local fire officials said Tuesday.
In this case, the court said that fire trucks have long lives and the goodwill attached to the mark remained long after production of a specific brand of fire truck may end.
Contract Awarded for This project for the binzhou city public security fire control team 18 tonnes of high-power foam fire truck, Modular equipment apparatus procurement, Procurement of 18 tons of high-power foam fire truck number 1 bus, Modular equipment fire engine 1.