fire hydrant

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an upright hydrant for drawing water to use in fighting a fire


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Fire hydrants provide important access points to the water network for the fire brigade when attending emergencies.
During the recent heatwave firefighters were called out 12 times to Wood End in Coventry to deal with gushing fire hydrants illegally opened by vandals looking for a way to cool down in the heat.
Founded in 2015, Better Tools, LLC offers the only multifunction, ratcheting fire hydrant and fittings wrench.
While assuring the public that Maynilad is committed to providing reliable water for domestic use or firefighting purposes, Mojica says: "Water theft and unauthorized use of fire hydrants compromise the safety and reliability of water supply to our customers.
It will increase the local manufacturing capacity with more than 80 per cent, making sure AVK SVMC can meet future market demands for valves, fire hydrants and fittings in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region.
Eugene has about 4,700 fire hydrants inside the city limits, Gleason said.
West Virginia American Water, a subsidiary of American Water (NYSE:AWK), issued a reminder on Friday that homeowners and local businesses should keep areas surrounding fire hydrants clear to help firefighters connect their equipment without delays.
California American Water is on the lookout for instances of water theft, a crime that often occurs when water is taken from a fire hydrant without the required authorizations.
Presenting a stylized, colorful world almost like our own but not quite, Blob's Odd Jobs follows Blob Robertson, an ordinary green blob who feels underappreciated in his job as a fire hydrant cleaner--every time he cleans a fire hydrant, one of the blogs (creatures that look oddly like dogs) would just dirty it again.
Following the brave little roller skate through his adventurous pursuit of his companion skate, Nate The Skate In Search Of His Mate is also the story of the wonderful friendships he makes including Barry the trash can, Hydro the fire hydrant, and an intriguing cast of many other interesting characters.
The barn was a mile-and-a-half away from the nearest fire hydrant, so fire crews had to take water from the River Blythe.
Two American high school students, Jeff Koon and Andy Powell, have co-authored 'You May Not Tie an Alligator to a Fire Hydrant - 101 Real Dumb Laws' which was inspired by their successful web site http://www.
Fire tenders from nearby Dungloe and Bunbeg were forced to draw water from a lake A MILE AWAY when it emerged that the pressure in the village's only fire hydrant was not enough to fill their hoses.
4 ea install fire hydrant assembly; 11 ea install standard water service 1" line & smaller; 1 ea install 8" hot tap with 8" gate valve; 192 sf remove & replace existing conc.
A PICTURE has emerged of youngsters playing near a damaged fire hydrant in Coventry as the emergency services continue to warn about how dangerous it is.