fire chief

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the head of a fire department

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Kushner will oversee operations of both the police and fire departments during the search for a new fire chief, officials say.
He is past president of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, past president of the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association, and past president of the Oklahoma Fire Chiefs Association.
The statute prohibits successive temporary appointments to public safety positions like a fire chief.
The Fire Service Awards are coordinated annually by the State Fire Marshal's Office and sponsored by the following fire-service related organizations: the Fire Training Directors Association, the Florida State Firefighters Association, the Florida Fire Chiefs Association, the Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association, the Florida Professional Firefighters Association, the Emergency Preparedness Association and the Florida Forest Service.
The National Fire Chiefs Council is demanding all new and refurbished schools be fitted with sprinklers, as they are already mandatory in Scotland and Wales.
Ruiz, with the fire chief's endorsement, has appointed Joe Zaludek, the department's deputy chief of special operations, to serve as acting chief during the search for Groves' successor.
Fire Chiefs are urging the FCC to explore activated FM chips in cellphones because of radio's importance during a crisis; We've reported the FCC wants to raise the 90-character limit of current WEA messages to 360 characters, among other changes.
Tustin said, "Shrewsbury Fire Chief James Vuona has changed the culture of his department through his emphasis on customer service, and has made fire education the cornerstone of that change.
He told Dyster that he was already covered under the city's health insurance program, and that he would take the fire chief's job for a salary of just $30,000 a year.
| WASHINGTON, June 3 (KUNA) -- Boston Fire Chief Steve Abraira, who was criticized over his handling of the Boston Marathon bombings, has submitted his resignation, the Boston Fire Department announced Monday on its Twitter account.
Ellie said: "It was scary, I'm just glad we saved him." After the crash, near Cinderford, fire chief Gareth Clowes said: "They risked themselves to pull him out."
Fire chief Paul Boissonneault introduced the members of the Master Fire Planning Committee in attendance and noted the contributions of the 11 people who had served on the committee.
No formal request is required, but the facility must continue to be managed in accordance with any fire protection provisions and must seek approval from the local fire chief. The facility also must continue to be managed in order to prevent any odors or runoff from leaving the property.
FULL STORY: PAGE 5 FIRE CHIEF'S STATION AXE WORRIES WEST Midlands fire chief Vij Randeniya says Coventry could be left exposed if stations are closed in neighbouring Warwickshire.