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the head of a fire department

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Swafford was appointed interim chief in April 2010 and was appointed fire chief in May 2011.
The National Fire Chiefs Council is demanding all new and refurbished schools be fitted with sprinklers, as they are already mandatory in Scotland and Wales.
Fire Chiefs are urging the FCC to explore activated FM chips in cellphones because of radio's importance during a crisis; We've reported the FCC wants to raise the 90-character limit of current WEA messages to 360 characters, among other changes.
Tustin said, "Shrewsbury Fire Chief James Vuona has changed the culture of his department through his emphasis on customer service, and has made fire education the cornerstone of that change.
In a letter last month to the mayor of Boston, 13 Boston deputy fire chiefs said they had no confidence in Abraira, and that he failed to assume command responsibility or show any leadership at the scene of the deadly bombings.
1 Fire Chief Marty Nelson was awarded a certificate of commendation for his efforts in keeping up to date on the "Fire Chiefs' Toolbox" series, which aids new fire chiefs.
One of them fell into the home of Fire Chief Dennis Sullivan, who later died from his injuries.
The exercise was a culmination of months of training and included participants from all activities and units on Naha Military Port as well as the Army on Okinawa Fire Chief, Torii Station Provost Marshal's Office, and the Camp Kinser Marine Corps Base PMO.
Yet as Portage (Indiana) Assistant Fire Chief Bill Lundy recalled, "We were going to be given shirts and hats with a phone number on it and flyers, and sent to shelters, and we were going to pass out flyers.
As an out lesbian fire chief of a small-town volunteer fire department, I was pleased to see your story on Bonnie Bleskachek [Behind the Headlines, March 1].
West Midlands deputy fire chief, Vijith Randeniya, said: "The community have a right to expect that, when the fire service are called, they will attend and provide an effective service.
Fire Chief Wayne Snitzler of the Westside Fire and Rescue Department in the town of Westbank in British Columbia's Okanagan region always knew he wanted to be a firefighter.
New York Fire Chief Joe Callan (above), who survived the World Trade Centre terrorist attack, marched past the Cenotaph with war veterans.
AN American fire chief visiting North Wales last night spoke of his anger over the deaths of some of his best friends.