fire blight

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a disease blackening the leaves of pear and apple trees

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The bacterial effector DspA/E is toxic in Arabidopsis thaliana and is required for multiplication and survival of fire blight pathogen.
America's pear industry was just hitting its stride in the Northeast shortly after the Revolution when fire blight struck.
Only an average keeper, this cider apple variety is moderately susceptible to common apple diseases--especially collar rot--but somewhat resistant to fire blight and cedar apple rust.
The source of Gem's fire blight resistance is the cultivar Barseck," says Bell.
An inspection showed an infestation of codling moth, pear psylla, fire blight and grape mealy bugs.
Jon Clements, spokesman for the Massachusetts Fruit Growers Association and UMass Extension fruit advisor, said that while this year's Central Massachusetts apple crop is average, and better than expected based on the spring bloom, the occurrence of the fire blight is the worst he's seen in 14 years.
Pyracanthus are subject to fire blight, a disease that causes the branches to turn black as if they have been burned.
It's also more resistant to diseases including fire blight, which the European pear is susceptible to," Korban said.
In the US, antibiotics can be used to treat fire blight in apples and pears without these fruits losing their organic certification, while in the EU, sick animals can be treated with antibiotics up to three times a year and still be certified as organic.
Other rootstock characteristics that have become important include improved fruit size, tolerance to diseases such as fire blight, phytothphora, apple replant disease and crowngall; tolerance to insects such as woolly apple aphid (WAA), and tolerance to abiotic stresses such as drought, water excess, spring frost and winter cold tolerance.
A: Your tree may be suffering from fire blight, a bacterial disease that spreads through pollinating insects.
As with pears, the Chinese quince suffers from one disease that needs to be managed, fire blight,.
14) The quarantine process involved inspecting the fruit at packing houses in New Zealand before it was allowed into the country, and '[i]f there [were] any signs of fire blight or European canker, the import would be stopped'.
She found books with pictures of fire blight and scurfy that
That may explain why the Environmental Protection Agency is allowing Michigan to spray apple orchards with gentamicin to fight a tree disease called fire blight.