fire bell

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a bell rung to give a fire alarm

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When his dad passed away he had the bell in his house, so the last orders bell is a 120-year-old fire bell.
We are currently doing a temporary but costly three-year expansion of Army strength by 30,000 men and women because we have all those soldiers sitting in the Iraqi desert waiting for the fire bell to ring.
Her topics include the slaughter pen of the nation, this blessed fire, laboring for the lord, a fire bell in the nights, seasoned with grace, the great crime, and the valley of love and delight.
The five-alarm fire bell of a tooth ache is difficult to ignore," says Dr.
There was never any urgency for daily problems, such as the occasion when I realised I could not hear the fire bell in my part of the building.
Georgie was sitting on the arm of Dad's chair when the fire bell went off, up Dad shot, back went the chair Georgie Bell with it.
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trains dogs, mostly from rescue centres, to alert deaf people to everyday sounds and danger signals like the telephone, doorbell, smoke alarm and fire bell.
I was a bell being rung by the Big Bang--a school bell calling for attendance, a fire bell calling for action, a church bell calling for celebration.
Work continued at the company's own financial risk as the House Armed Services Committee urged the Army to fire Bell and to reopen the competition.
At a recent event at a community centre in Norris Green the assembled notables were thrown into some confusion when the fire bell went off.
The competition was won by Shaw for his mystery novel entitled The Way Life Should Be, and Edwards, who came in second place, is also having his thriller Fire Bell in the Night published.
Just as Bubba figured, the chill of the night, sleep deprivation and the loud fire bell quickly weakened loyalties.
But 18 months ago "the fire bell rang," and Lobo was back in show business as CEO of WEDU Channel 3, which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year.
It is a very emotional moment when the honor guard rings that silver fire bell for Code 5-5-5: Return to Station, and the station for the deceased fireman is beyond the grave.