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a bell rung to give a fire alarm

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When he retired they gave him the old brass fire bell.
When he retired they gave him the old brass fire bell. So the last orders bell is a 120-yearold fire bell, which is nice."
Not only will troops have to be assembled, dispatched, transported and armed as the fire bell is ringing.
He called it "a fire bell in the night." (5) The Great Fear began the French Revolution, with the burning of manors in the countryside, their pyres lighting the night sky.
The England skipper (left) and his team-mates were roused from their slumbers at 6.30am yesterday when a fire bell sounded at their Leeds hotel.
That debate was a fire bell in the night for the neoconservatives.
AYOUR Jim Veteran stand-up Colin Crompton, as the flat capwearing host Mr Chairman, was not above interrupting the turns by ringing on his big fire bell, with a request to "Give order, please" and making important announcements, such as there being a few tickets left for the meat raffle.
Thomas Jefferson's "fire bell in the night" was really not an accurate metaphor, but rather, as Hammond depicts it, a raging five alarm fire fed by the national government's use of slavery as an inducement for westward expansion into places like Louisiana and Missouri.
The piano symphony played on black and white keys clanging of the fire bell revving of the red tractor and squawking from the blue parrot will hold everyone's attention.
We are currently doing a temporary but costly three-year expansion of Army strength by 30,000 men and women because we have all those soldiers sitting in the Iraqi desert waiting for the fire bell to ring.
Her topics include the slaughter pen of the nation, this blessed fire, laboring for the lord, a fire bell in the nights, seasoned with grace, the great crime, and the valley of love and delight.
"The five-alarm fire bell of a tooth ache is difficult to ignore," says Dr.
There was never any urgency for daily problems, such as the occasion when I realised I could not hear the fire bell in my part of the building.
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trains dogs, mostly from rescue centres, to alert deaf people to everyday sounds and danger signals like the telephone, doorbell, smoke alarm and fire bell.
"Canadians can therefore expect to bear costs under the regulatory framework that are not trivial." This understated five-alarm fire bell is buried deep in the Government of Canada's Regulatory Framework for Industrial Greenhouse Gas Emissions released on March 10, 2008 (GHG framework).