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omnivorous ant of tropical and subtropical America that can inflict a painful sting

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Researchers at the University of Georgia have found colonies of tropical fire ants, native to Florida and coastal Georgia, that thrive with multiple queens and in close proximity to single-queen colonies of the same species.
Four sprinkler-irrigated sites that included a golf course (Monterey Country Club) and 3 storm-water retention basins (El Dorado, Son-risa, and Harland)were initially surveyed for fire ant biological control agents.
Korea will boost quarantine efforts to prevent the spread of foreign red fire ants that have been discovered in major ports of the country.
Randob's year-old Fire-Out, targeted for fire ant stings and bites, comes in a roll-on applicator to cover the sting "zone" of the body.
The wax on the fire ant's body prevents the inner members -- the queen and the unborn ants -- from suffocating.
Fire ant workers were not completely excluded from the plots, while the number was quite small (no more than four workers in pitfall trap).
Entomologist Steven Valles, who works in CMAVE's Imported Fire Ant and Household Insects Research Unit, developed novel antibodies that bind to a protein in the fire ant's venom.
Home and business owners in the Tyler, Texas and Galveston, Texas areas know how difficult it can be to eliminate fire ants. With professional fire ant control assistance, Mosquito Mike customers can guarantee the queen and her colony will be destroyed.
However, the total biomass of a mature fire ant colony (4-6 y old) is 70% made up of larger workers (Tschinkel, 1988), suggesting that having these workers or, in general, caste diversity benefits the colony (Retana and Cerda, 1994; Fjerdinsgtad and Crozier, 2006; Gravish et al., 2012), despite their high production and maintenance costs (Calabi and Porter, 1989; Holldobler and Wilson, 1990).
The crew were forced to abandon their charity bid to row nearly 3,000 miles between Gran Canaria and Barbados after their boat Fire Ant flipped several times.
(7) Fire ant venom is 95% alkaloid with a small aqueous fraction that contains soluble protein.
Also included in the budget are monies set aside for fire ant management, who have since returned following the failed crazy ant assault.
Tawny crazy ants pick fights with fire ants and win, thanks to a previously unknown way of detoxifying fire ant venom.
by fire ant by fire ant by fire on a canvas of lake & trees