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nonresinous wood of a fir tree

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They snuffed about the Fir Tree, and rustled among the branches.
said the Fir Tree, thinking over what he had himself related.
So then the Fir Tree told the whole fairy tale, for he could remember every single word of it; and the little Mice jumped for joy up to the very top of the Tree.
In the court-yard some of the merry children were playing who had danced at Christmas round the Fir Tree, and were so glad at the sight of him.
Three-foot-tall faux fir trees shine with bold red stars and baubles-a contrast to the cool bluish-white LED lights.
An increasing number of Douglas fir trees in the Oregon Coast Range are suffering from a fungal disease known as Swiss needle cast, which is stunting the growth of the trees by about 50 percent and causing an annual economic loss of $128 million, a new study has found.
I HAVE some fir trees cut and chipped and was thinking of using them to help keep down weeds around my roses.
Apart from the fir trees which we planted especially for this purpose, the rest of the trees we have for sale are the ones we cut to thin out forests.
The Company's employees planted 50 large fir trees last year close to JSC TATNEFT's filling stations in Kazan.
If you are out walking in the woods, here's an easy way to tell these trees apart - the cones on fir trees are always held upright on the branches and fall off the tree when ripe, whereas the cones on spruce trees always hang pendant from the tree and remain there when ripe.
Make the heart using the same process as for the fir trees, but insert a decorative ribbon at the top centre so it may be attached to the wreath.
DUBAI Nordman fir trees from Canadian forests are in huge demand among Christmas tree shoppers this year.
Noble fir trees are the most expensive variety of Christmas tree, as they take 10 years to grow, whilst spruce trees, which take seven years to grow, and Scots pine trees,whichtake five years to grow, tend to be cheaper.
Why has the Government not stopped the felling of fir trees to be used for a week or two and then discarded?
Iron gates, fir trees, porch frames and windows blink and twinkle with brilliant colors.