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a wooden plug forming a flue pipe (as the mouthpiece of a recorder)

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suling: A type of bamboo fipple flute, frequently used as a contrasting melodic timbre within predominantly metallophone contexts.
As the player's breath warms the fipple the tone clears.
There are two chapters detailing biographical material on performers and composers, five on aspects of the instrument's repertory, and a final four on a ragbag of assorted topics--other fipple flutes, relevant periodicals, recorder societies, and the future of recorder research.
(3.) Other melodic instruments, including the voice, suling (bamboo fipple flute), and rebab (spike fiddle) play parts too rhythmically free to fit easily in this scheme.
Decomposed granite surrounding the stones is raked to resemble fipples. Art therapist Ellen Speert created the "stream" to connect her home and on in-garden art studio.