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a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs


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This fiord, in an area that experiences rain more than 200 days yearly, was discovered in 1812 by Welsh captain John Grono.
My analysis of the weather station temperature records indicated that mean temperatures are rising more significantly towards the end of the growing season (July) and in the late autumn and winter months (September to February) than at the beginning of the growing season (May and June), which reflects the general Arctic climate change pattern and concurs with my Tanquary Fiord temperature analysis.
I did not come to Norway looking for you, but you are everywhere, your A Minor Concerto pulsating with the hairpin loops of our bus high above the fiords.
Given that there are numerous mountainsides in the country, when one of them lets go and sends a wave of rocks into the waters of a narrow fiord, the confining conditions of those high cliffs can create a monster wave 73 metres tall.
De esta manera tambien funciona la inversion que produce Lamborghini en El fiord, al darle el poder a los desplazados.
This is particularly useful in pharmacies because there are a limited number of types of processes, and there's a lot of data tracked to support the analysis," explains Jim Albert, principal and vice president at Fiord Coplan Macht (Baltimore).
To receive The Firearms Coalition's bi-monthly newsletter, The Knox fiord Corp Report, write to Box 1761, Dept.
The crash at Old Colwyn (J22) involved a broken down lorry, a white Fiord Ka and a silver Vauxhall Corsa, while the Dwygyfylchi (J16) accident involved Fiat Punto van and a Skoda Octavia.
The camel bones were collected from a steep slope at the Fyles Leaf Bed site, a sandy deposit near Strathcona Fiord on Ellesmere Island.
Bertrand wants to investigate whether scientists can use fiord sediments to reconstruct glacial histories in other places around the globe and whether shifting snowfall patterns may be affecting glaciers in Alaska, Greenland, and New Zealand.
Tours start on the far end of Lake Manapouri, continue along Wilmot Pass to Deep Cove and wander along the sprayed fingers of this forgotten fiord.
To save strain on the horses and harnesses, the competitors were ploughing shallow, especially Gordon McKay from Doncaster who was ploughing with a pair of Fiord ponies, who were at the very most just 14 hands in height.
The plane was scheduled to continue on to Grise Fiord on Ellesmere Island.