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the quality of being finite

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Johnston adds that Meillassoux is aware of the historical aspect of mathematical discoveries, but he only discusses this historical aspect in relation to Badiou's reflections on mathematics, and not with regards to his own project in After finitude.
The possibilities of the divine Word as directed to humans are also finite, but the Word also always leads beyond the borders of human finitude due to its inexhaustible fulness.
The Socratic pursuit of the philosophical comprehension of the virtues is bounded due to ontological finitude. The routine of the Socratic elenchus-dialectic is confined in its efficiency to disclose truth.
Interpreters generally understand Heidegger's notion of finitude in one of two ways: (1) as our mortality--that, in the end, we are certain to die; or (2) the susceptibility of our self- and world-understanding to collapse--the fragility and vulnerability of human sense-making.
Pilar Villar-Argaiz reads the influence of Catholicism and finitude in "The Dead" and Joyce's saturated communities as being "composed by singularities rather than by homogeneous individualities" (59).
Tracking the passing of time in which reading unfolds, these novels position the book's so-called death in terms that refer as much to a simple description of its future vis--vis other media forms as to the sense of finitude these books share with and transmit to their readers.
Tem de fazer algo de si, nao tem nenhuma referencia absoluta, exceto aquelas que considera absolutas de dentro da finitude. Tem de decidir-se.
locates the root of the problem in the fact that the buffered self is unsettled by thoughts of its own finitude. Fleeing this condition, the self approaches the world as an array of objects to be mastered and controlled in accord with the dictates of its internally generated standards of rationality.
For Heidegger, the gestalt, or the technological enframement, creates the clearing through which a Being experiences finitude. Technology merely reveals the relationship between Being and its finitude.
Within the correlationist paradigm, contingency and discontinuity must be seen as deviations, temporary states that reflect the limitations of human finitude that must be resolved through the imaginative identification with the infinite.
Looking in turn at the metaphysics of time, time, and temporality, he considers such topics as the paradoxes of the Parmenides, time and inner-temporality in Aristotle's Physics, the aporiae of the constitution of time, the phenomenological amplitude of the concept of change, the event as guiding thread, from time to temporality, the future and availability, the temporal meaning of selfhood, the mobility of adventure and freedom, and the finitude of temporality.
Treating themes as vast and well studied as time, memory, loss and finitude is a challenge for critics.