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Experiencing the death of the patient under their care arouses feelings of loss, sadness and anguish, difficulties to cope with the family also appear in situations of finiteness, as observed in the next category.
If transcending our own finiteness happens by living on through others, or if this search for transcendence becomes knowledge about the ultimate nature of reality, an understanding will emerge of the existence of human beings, of others and of ourselves, of those who are not yet born and are still the future.
However, there are several complications to be overcome: (i) the definition of the join matrix, (ii) the choice of the finiteness condition on the join matrices, and (iii) the choice of the definition of the quotient algebra.
Scerri begins by identifying five claims 'central to normative theories of green citizenship' which include the erosion of the nature/culture and public/private dualisms, the rejection of social contractualism and territorialism, and the grounding of justice 'in awareness of the finiteness and maldistribution of ecospace' (p.
He covers lexical versus functional elements, the target system, the initial state, the lexical stage, the functional stage, and finiteness in language acquisition research.
to tolerate the recognition of his finiteness in principle and even of his impending end.
I am not the spectator, I am involved and it is my involvement in a point of view which makes possible both the finiteness of my perception and its opening out upon the complete world as a horizon of every perception.
Z Point Energy technology removes the notion of constrains and finiteness of available energy thus enabling mankind to use as much energy as required for the comfort and betterment of life.
This should lead us as Presbyterian people in a western, North American, 21st-century context to claim truth with humility, ever mindful that our finiteness allows us to see only in part.
The Greek word is kept in order emphasize Falque's central idea that it is finiteness itself that is transformed.
The structural play between horizontal finiteness and vertical infinity is a compelling example of how a formal attribute can enhance thematic meaning.
Though it's clear in these pages that Bill is at least a bit of an ass, we begin to feel the real criminal is the finiteness of experience--the very fact that as time passes certain unhappy men will encounter certain unhappy girls.
Finiteness is the capacity to head a potentially independent predication.
The increasing awareness of global warming due to the increased amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the finiteness of fossil fuel reserves has caused many nations to consider more sustainable energy alternatives.
Rather than being overwhelmed by finiteness and nonbeing, a healthy and adaptive individual embraces existential anxiety.