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The word's finitude essentially represents the finiteness of human existence.
Sorella, "Finiteness of the topological models in the Landau gauge," Nuclear Physics B, vol.
Finiteness of relative equilibria of the four-body problem.
Thus the first problem arising from H16 is the individual finiteness problem which asks for a proof that any individual system (2.1) has a finite number of limit cycles.
"Discordance des temps dans quelques films de science-fiction" (Discordance of Time in a Few SF Films) by Alain Sebbah examines how neutralization of temporality and space in sf movies opens up alternate histories in which the finiteness of human life is forgotten and the hypothetical presence of gods is revealed.
As the theme is not easy to discuss and is linked to feelings of fear, anguish, anxiety, concern, loss, sadness, impotence, we believe that the academy, as an educational institution, should be concerned with the preparation of critical, reflexive and humanistic professionals who are prepared to cope with issues involving human finiteness, proposing reflections on life, care and terminality.
Irina Nikolaeva, u radu Unpacking finiteness, donosi posve nov pogled na odredenost kojim se suprotstavlja dosadasnjem gledanju na tu pojavu kao na >>stupnjeviti 'meta-pojam'<<.
"No one has experienced humanity to the full unless he or she has experienced its finiteness and suffering" (70).
We shall work with two specific notions: row-rank in the tropical case, and a finiteness condition introduced by G.
The renormalization of the wave function is directly related to the self-mass of electrons and the guaranteed finiteness of electron mass at finite temperatures, below the decoupling temperature, ensures the finiteness of the wave function automatically.
Scerri begins by identifying five claims 'central to normative theories of green citizenship' which include the erosion of the nature/culture and public/private dualisms, the rejection of social contractualism and territorialism, and the grounding of justice 'in awareness of the finiteness and maldistribution of ecospace' (p.
"Sometime" is the working title of a new film by Nikolaus Geyrhalter of Austria, which is about the finiteness and fragility of the human existence and the end of the industrial age, and what it means to be a human being.
Jordens (Free University, Amsterdam) argues that at the lexical stage early in learning a first or subsequent language, topicalization is the driving force that leads to the acquisition of a functional projection, which provides a position for elements carrying the functional properties of finiteness. Such elements may be epistemic modals, auxiliary verbs, and later in the acquisition process finite lexical verbs.