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The focus of this enterprise is given by the question as to how children encode temporal information by morphological means, and temporality, in turn, is crucially linked to finiteness.
gt;From each corpus, a number of files were selected that represent prototypical phases in the development of finiteness in early child Dutch (Wijnen 2000).
A controversial aspect of the optionality premise involves the idea of optional projection of finiteness (tense) features and the optionality of target-like syntactic derivations in general.
We have to accept the fact that even though technology and human ingenuity makes possible for us to exploit resources almost on an unlimited basis, there is finiteness in resources.
Sometime" is the working title of a new film by Nikolaus Geyrhalter of Austria, which is about the finiteness and fragility of the human existence and the end of the industrial age, and what it means to be a human being.
He covers lexical versus functional elements, the target system, the initial state, the lexical stage, the functional stage, and finiteness in language acquisition research.
As per them, Z Point Energy technology removes the notion of constrains and finiteness of available energy thus allowing mankind to use as much energy as required for the comfort and betterment of life.
The step from the finiteness of the universe and all the matter and energy within it to a superintending providence, design, or creator is not one that empirical science can make.
Another thought of the letters revolves around the finiteness of life, which has inevitably a deadline: "In hoc punctum coniectus es" (You have been cast upon this point of time; 77:12).
I am not the spectator, I am involved and it is my involvement in a point of view which makes possible both the finiteness of my perception and its opening out upon the complete world as a horizon of every perception.
In the above-mentioned examples, the artists wanted to draw the attention to the finiteness of art (in the case of Metzger) and the chaos of the artist (in the case of Hirst).
This should lead us as Presbyterian people in a western, North American, 21st-century context to claim truth with humility, ever mindful that our finiteness allows us to see only in part.
The Greek word is kept in order emphasize Falque's central idea that it is finiteness itself that is transformed.
The structural play between horizontal finiteness and vertical infinity is a compelling example of how a formal attribute can enhance thematic meaning.