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with a finite limit

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They also strengthen the earlier evidence that the currently accepted, noncooperative game-theoretical explanation relying on a particular model of the individual does not adequately predict behavior in one-shot and finitely repeated social dilemmas.
This motivated research into using constraint logic programs (see Jaffar and Lassez [1987] and Jaffar and Maher [1994]) for querying finitely representable databases over the integer order.
It says that co-operation can be an equilibrium even in the finitely repeated prisoner's dilemma if there is incomplete information about players' preferences, i.e.
The first is a discounted utility with a variable discount rate and the second is a generalization of long-run averages or a lim inf, and is called a "purely finitely additive" measure.
If two semirings S and T have weak local units and there exists a unitary Morita context (S,T,[.sub.S][P.sub.T,T][Q.sub.S],[theta],[phi]) with [theta],[phi] surjective, then there is a quantale isomorphism Id(S) [right arrow] Id(T) that takes finitely generated ideals to finitely generated ideals.
The letter suffixes 1 and 2 represent the finitely separated positions of the reduced four-bar mechanism as shown in Figure 7.
The following theorem shows how nearly prime submodules control the structure of a finitely generated module.
Let f be a nonconstant meromorphic function with finitely many poles, and let [alpha] = [Q.sub.1][e.sup.Q] and [beta] = [Q.sub.2][e.sup.Q], where [Q.sub.1], [Q.sub.2]([??] [Q.sub.1]) and Q are three polynomials.
Also, it is shown that, for the planar earth, the field peak value decreases with the decrease of the ground conductivity, and the waveform rise times increase with the decrease of the ground conductivity, which is because the high frequencies are selectively attenuated by the finitely conducting ground, causing the amplitude of the electromagnetic fields to decrease and the rise time to increase (e.g., Cooray et al.
2.3 Comparison of mathematics with infinitely stiff and finitely stiffframe
Let a and b be two distinct finite values and f be a meromorphic function in the complex plane with finitely many poles.
Then there are at most finitely many values of [lambda] such that ([lambda]ab)G([lambda]), ([lambda]ab)H([lambda]), and ([lambda]ab)K([lambda]) are rational squares.
[[parallel]W[parallel]].sub.e] = inf{r>0:[phi] ([G.sub.r]) cossists of only finitely many atoms}, (2.1)
There would, for example, be no national debt and no inflation, and the United States would be in finitely wealthier for not having wasted so much of its scarce national resources on production yielding no return."