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a private school for girls that emphasizes training in cultural and social activities

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Globsyn 3rd.Life is partnering with Globsyn Finishing School to build a resource pool of trained engineers to fill the currently available open positions and future requirements.
Established in July 1996, PAF Finishing School is first of its kind in Asia, offering various courses in communication skills, languages, management, art of self presentation, domestic science, general culture, cuisine, protocol, art, child care, introduction to psychology and spiritual enrichment.
The Finishing School for Modern Women is Miller's latest endeavor and a solid foundation promises great things.
The PAF Finishing School was established in July 1996 for girls.
Now based near Felton in Northumberland, Paula attended a secretarial course at the famous Lucie Clayton Finishing School in Kensington, where famous former students included Joanna Lumley and Jean Shrimpton.
As for Brand going to finishing school, yes, that is snobbish, Mr Yewlett.
Once again, the setting is a dirigible that is a finishing school by day with a hidden agenda.
"The One Show is an agreeable frolic but it is hardly a finishing school for a generation of television reporters" - Broadcaster Sir Michael Parkinson (pictured).
Coyle now wants talks with Romeu so he can hammer home how much team-mate Daniel Sturridge and ARSENAL'S Jack Wilshere benefited after coming through his finishing school.
FINISHING SCHOOL: A MASTER CLASS FOR KNITTERS provides a fine resource for knitters of all levels of expertise and comes from a knitter who offers tools to change any garment into a finished piece.
Geordie Finishing School for Girls (BBC3, 9pm) When they first arrived, Steph, Fi, Lucy and Fiona moved into an ex-council house in Walker and began 10 days of budget living.
Summary: Changing times have may have closed all the rest but Switzerland's last finishing school is still going strong.
Graduation ceremony of PAF Finishing School Islamabad was held at the Air Headquarters Officers' Mess.
Pria Warrick, president and executive director of her eponymously named finishing school in Delhi, explains: "India has a lot of brain but where we lose out is our presentation.
Decatur, TX, October 07, 2010 --( Deborah King, AICI, CIP, President and Founder of Final Touch Finishing School was selected from over 5,000 submissions to be featured in The 2011 Woman's Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar.