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a decorative texture or appearance of a surface (or the substance that gives it that appearance)

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Furthermore, Azzam explained that his company sets standards and requirements in selecting specialised finishing companies according to the region and quality of business, along with a number of requirements for seriousness and commitment.
For the suppliers of mass finishing equipment so-called "cup-shaped" castings can pose major challenges: Upon completion of the finishing cycle such work pieces, for example battery housings, can contain a certain amount of processing media, which might be carried out of the machine with the work pieces.
The event was won by Japan, with Australia and South Korea finishing second and third.
The Under 13 boys found it a little more difficult with Jack White finishing in 17th, Tahir Anesh in 20th, Laurence Grosse in 23rd and Tiger Steel in 43rd.
6 May 2016 - US-based investment banking firm Quazar Capital Corp.'s client, manufacturer Innovance, Inc., has acquired Minnesota-based centrifugal barrel finishing machines supplier Mass Finishing, Inc, the company said.
Until recently though, the finishing choices for the hobbyist were pretty limited.
Kumpula finished in a tie for fourth place after finishing 13-over 225 for the tournament.
For teams who finished first in the top-four mini-league the average finishing position in the final Premier League table was 2.0.
The visual appearance of any restorative material depends upon the proper finishing and polishing, which makes the surface smooth.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE The Scot was an eighttime European No.1 but his consistency never transferred on to the Major stage, finishing runner-up five times.
The proprietary, heavy-duty nonwoven abrasive provides consistent cleaning, finishing and polishing for a variety of materials including steel, brass and aluminum, as well as plastics and wood.
Liverpool Harriers B team finished in 58th position with Wirral AC finishing in 73rd position.
Despite the rough race course, the team captain achieved a new personal record by finishing the race within 04:42:10 time.
Whether you're finishing new wood or old, the basic process of applying stain and polyurethane is pretty simple.
Our data show that "Finishing: Lyophilization" and "Finishing: Packaging materials" are areas of strong investment among suppliers.