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Synonyms for finisher

(baseball) a relief pitcher who can protect a lead in the last inning or two of the game

a racing driver who finishes a race

a painter who applies a finishing coat

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a worker who performs the last step in a manufacturing process

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a race car that finishes a race

an animal that wins in a contest of speed

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Crater won the state title and returns individual champion Andy Monroe and third-place finisher Derek Tripp.
Top finishers in the Enervon Activ 21K category were Emerson Ortiz, Marlon Enrigan, Jobar Jay Chan, Kristine Schulz, Mercy Bayban and Avee Coleen Isidro.
The early finishers board can be done in many novel and creative ways to keep students engaged.
the finisher can be used to de-lump products in the range of 500 to 200012m at capacities of up to 40m3/hr.
all great players, all fantastic talents and top finishers in their own ways, but none were as accomplished as Rushie at putting the ball in the back of the net.
To be a print finisher or machine bookbinder you may not always need formal qualifications, although some employers may prefer you to have GCSEs or equivalent qualifications, including English and maths, science or computer studies.
As shown in the diagram, we set up with two basic groups: one made up of perimeter players and defenders and the other of Finishers (post men).
I also had the pleasure of playing in the same side as Teddy Sheringham in the late nineties and he is still the most natural two-footed finisher I've seen.
For the women's amateur LeadmanTri 250 division, Cathy Yndestad (Minneapolis, Minnesota) finished with a time of 9:55:54, followed by second-place finisher Justine Emge (Eagle, Idaho) with a time of 10:24:35 and third place finisher Angie Schmidt (St.
James Sones of Banning on a Honda XR650R was the fastest solo finisher.
Third placed Craig Noble from NYP Triathletes was the first over-30 finisher.
A minimum finisher will drive the sled with a flat back and wide base for 100 yards.
It's such a great feeling to finally win a (sectional) title as a team,'' said Murakami, who clocked 17 minutes, 13 seconds on the three-mile course to finish two seconds behind first-place finisher Kauren Tarver from Serrano of Phelan.
Xerox is also complementing its office portfolio with two new fax machines, wireless-networking capabilities for its printers and MFPs, and an office finisher that provides advanced features without taking up floor space.