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the final coat of paint

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the final coating of plaster applied to walls and ceilings

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Weaber Lumber's Finish Coat trim products protected by Aqualink coatings are specially engineered to deliver a consistent factory finish on primed and painted mouldings and S4S (surfaced four sides) boards made from American poplar, an abundant hardwood often used for interior applications.
Similar causes may be the reason why just the outer finish coat fell off.
89 Table 2: Properties of the metallic soaps prepared Property Calcium Cobalt Color White Purple Solubility in water Insoluble Insoluble Foaming Does not foam well Does not foam well characteristic in water in water Texture Gummy Gummy Yield Good Good Property Iron Copper Color Dark brown light blue Solubility in water Insoluble Insoluble Foaming Does not foam well Does not foam well characteristic in water in water Texture Gummy Gummy Yield Good Good Table 3: Properties of coat mixture Ca-soap Quality parameters Prime coat Finish coat Viscosity 70.
Three-coat systems incorporate a primer coat, an intermediate coat, and a finish coat.
These include a cuticle fix, a fortifier, a foundation coat, a finish coat and a nail preparation kit.
Our ability to prepare the MDF stock and apply the finish coat all in the same process is what sets us apart from other moulding manufacturers.
Some penetrants can serve as the final finish coat, but most of them must be covered with a more durable surface finish.
Tank exteriors were completed by rolling on an intermediate coat followed by a finish coat of polyurethane.
EnviroLastic 840 DTM is a thin film direct-to-metal shop coating that dries to the touch in 20 minutes, virtually eliminating grit pickup; tolerates exposure to dew and precipitation; and has a distinctness-of-image factor that reflects a mirror-like appearance in the high-gloss finish coat.
The protective coatings being donated for the restoration project by Sherwin-Williams include SeaGuard 5000HS Epoxy, a high-performance, low-VOC, high solids, anti-corrosive epoxy coating that will cover the ship's entire hull; SeaVoyage Ablative Antifoulant, a solvent-based, copper-and tin-free ablative coating that deters soft and hard fouling; and Proline 4800, a linear polyurethane finish coat to match the red color that is standard on U.
Unlike painting over a smooth sand-cleaned surface, a converter-treated surface can be rough and uneven and will likely show through the finish coat.
Use a finish plaster to form a finish coat, leave to dry then paint.
The system selected was Interzinc 52HS, a zinc rich epoxy primer, Intercure 384, a high solids, low VOC epoxy, rapid cure micaceous iron oxide intermediate coat, and Interlac 658, a grey durable urethane modified finish coat.
An attractive and durable finish coat - typically using acrylic copolymer technology - which is both colorfast and crack-resistant.