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an ornament at the top of a spire or gable

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The finial, which measures just four inches high, is believed to date from the 18th century, and is fashioned from a central interior column in silver with fine goldsmiths work from Lhasa forming the exterior structure.
A 24- carat gold finial has been installed atop the tomb's majestic dome.
Suffering pangs of conscience, the finial phantom returned the piece.
To achieve the continuity effect, the newel on the starter step needed to have a 'neck' that joined the finial and this necked newel had to come from a single piece of wood," Ng explains.
Samuelson informed the crowd that the gold-leaf on the finial was donated by the family of John J.
The Lambourn trainer said: "I'm very pleased to be asked to train for Cheveley Park Stud and, although it's early days, Finial looks an athletic two-year-old type and I couldn't be more pleased with her.
Another mystery, to us at least, was why some of the larger teapots - and they came in sizes ranging from a half to more than 12 pints, big enough for the largest family - were made with lids decorated with a miniature teapot as the knob or finial.
Lighting specifiers can select finial tops, lens options, lens finishes, and any of five standard or custom housing designs, with or without poles and mounting brackets.
Warm brass and a bead finial add ornament to all loose leaf aromatics, from exquisite estate teas to ordinary oolongs.
He said Maulana Abdul Aziz would take the finial decision.
I didn't find a finial at the lumberyard that matched the one I had created in my mind's eye, so I went home and turned one myself on the lathe.
The launch follows Allied World's completion of the acquisition of FINIAL INSURANCE CO.
The highlight of the design of the railings is the decorative finial.
Some manufacturers pointed to substantial hollow-handled looks with finials, such as Reed & Barton's appropriately named Finial, as well as distressed and antiqued finishes, as the new traditional in flatware.
Drawing from the French tradition of the rooster as a symbol of good food, each is embellished with a cast-metal rooster medallion or finial.