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Synonyms for fingerspell

communicate by means of specific gestures, as an alternative to sign language

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Learning to fingerspell twice: Young signing children's acquisition of fingerspelling.
there are a lot of "ologies"--so I cannot just fingerspell those--like if I do that then imagine why Deaf kids struggle .
Presenting 441 useful signs for a variety of favorite topics, practice sentences with everyday phrases, games and activities for practicing signs, tips on how to sign or fingerspell, use numbers, and communicate with deaf people, Signing Fun is highly recommended as an excellent beginner's book and vocabulary builder for learning ASL.
These students were oral and did not use Taiwanese Sign Language, but they did enjoy learning how to fingerspell and make a few ASL signs.
But, as my MS symptoms worsened, my ability to fingerspell and sign diminished, and I felt I had to resign my teaching position," she says.