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Synonyms for fingerprint

a print made by an impression of the ridges in the skin of a finger

a generic term for any identifying characteristic

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a smudge made by a (dirty) finger

take an impression of a person's fingerprints

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Police officers often use fingerprints successfully to nab criminals.
When you touch different surfaces, you often leave fingerprints, or a "stamp" showing your fingertip's 'tiny bumps and grooves.
Further investigation by genotyping with an method revealed that the capacity of the IS6110 method to differentiate strains was roughly proportional to the number of bands present in the original fingerprint pattern.
If an agency does not submit fingerprints promptly following an arrest, any need to identify the subject during the interval between arrest and disposition may go unmet.
One set of minutiae contains all minutiae points on the latent fingerprint; the second set contains all minutiae points on the tenprint mate; the other two sets contain the minutiae points in common between the latent fingerprint and tenprint mate.
Live Scan scans fingerprints, then downloads them to the state Department of Justice.
To settle this controversy, the panel -- which was convened by the National Academy of Sciences -- endorses a so-called "ceiling principle" for interpreting DNA fingerprints.
The sensor features AuthenTec's extremely accurate TruePrint and TrueMatch technologies, the only solution in production that reads fingerprints below the surface of the skin - enabling the sensor to read virtually every fingerprint, anywhere.
Among clustered TB cases, DNA fingerprinting analysis of isolates with similar and identical fingerprints helped us discover epidemiologic links missed during routine tuberculosis contact investigations.
Nearly a century ago, law enforcement agencies discovered the value of using fingerprints as a means of positive identification.
So far, the best way to match up the right information with the right people is through fingerprints - or digitized ``finger images'' as they are more commonly called now to soften the ink-mess, gangster image of the old term.
First used in court eight years ago, DNA fingerprints are a record of a person's genetic makeup.
By identifying individuals as definitively as do regular fingerprints, DNA fingerprinting promises to revolutionize the analysis of semen, blood, hair and other samples left by criminals.
With the UFD reference design from Cypress and UPEK, manufacturers of UFDs and peripheral suppliers can add convenient biometric security that allows only those who register their fingerprints to access data on the drives with the swipe of a finger.
Thirty-five case-patients in a 54-year period with identical or very similar fingerprints were identified.