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a guidepost resembling a hand with a pointing index finger


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The late-16th-century English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon, vexed by the bias in applied scientific experimentation, advocated a class of people to act as "fingerposts." The English government supported legitimate scientific research through the Royal Academy of Sciences, but had difficulty ascertaining whether aspirants' claims were of legitimate scientific merit.
Pears remained relatively unknown in the wider literary world until he published An Instance of the Fingerpost, a weighty philosophical mystery, in 1998.
Lighter in tone than The Dream of Scipio (2002) or An Instance of the Fingerpost (1997), The Raphael Affair (1991), the first in the Jonathan Argyll series, is an enjoyable thriller steeped in art history and Italian culture.
Coastal Rangers were alerted about vandalism to gates, fencing, a noticeboard and a fingerpost near the railway bridge.
A CHILLY WALK Snow and ice on the Pennine Way in Cumbria made an ice sculpture of this fingerpost sign
After crossing we bear left on a track where a fingerpost on the left directs us up the hill on a steep slope that runs along the ridge with views of Kilburn's White Horse ahead.
An Anglesey coast path sign on a fingerpost leads onto a grassy path; this takes you along the head of the bay to join the beach route.
Her body was found in Fingerpost Field near Much Marcle, on the Herefordshire-Gloucestershire border.
This is particularly evident at the Northwest Fingerpost Hill 1 and Boomer Targets that appear to be the most prospective targets tested.
This edict follows a particularly nasty road traffic accident at the parish fingerpost. The driver emerged from his mangled 4x4 and gibbered, 'that snowman's got a...
The fingerpost points only two ways - The Dogs or Salvation.But, just in case you can't even find the fingerpost, here's a handy A-Z to the club.
Alan Taylor (left) English Heritage inspector of historic buildings, and Steve Welch, chairman of Longdon parish council, with the refurbished fingerpost on Longdon Green, near Lichfield.