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the nail at the end of a finger

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Jemma Burns found a yellow fingernail (circled) in a breakfast porridge she bought from a McDonald's in Coventry city centre.
Later that night, I went home, took off my shirt and found a long fingernail stuck into my back.
The thumbnail grows the slowest, the middle nail grows the fastest and toenails grow twice as slowly as fingernails.
But when I took off one of them it split my fingernail which meant I had to wear a plaster over it to protect it," she says.
Knitting needles, along with fingernail clippers, small scissors, some small tools and other previously banned items once again are allowed on board commercial airplanes in carry-on luggage.
The usual dosage is 250 mg/day for 90 days for toenail infections and 250 mg/day for 6 weeks for fingernail infections.
And he was a little miffed at yesterday's Press preview at the pre-opening publicity his fingernail pictures have generated in other newspapers.
Key Words: dolichonychia, Marfan syndrome, fingernail, women
With a painted-white fingernail, Donyale checks for unseen flecks of stray mascara; she sinks below the frame's horizon but then bobs to the surface, rescued, her eyeliner queenly as before.
Each chip included 330 million transistors in an area measuring only 109 square millimeters--about the size of a fingernail.
DETECTIVES are hunting fingernail thieves who struck at the historic Birmingham jewellery firm which made the FA Cup.
com)-- The Online Connection has recently launched the Clyppi Fingernail Clipper to online shoppers on Amazon.
5, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Within the pages of Jeffrey Skaret's new book, God's Fingernail - Rediscovering the Grace of Life's Lessons ($13.
Abstract A traditional method of coating qualification, known as fingernail mar resistance, historically has been practiced in industry where the back of a fingernail is "flicked" across a coating surface.
com/entertainment/2013/06/07/break-time-fan-pays-13000-for-lady-gaga-fingernail/) according to Fox News, a fan has paid $13,000 for a fake fingernail Lady Gaga discarded at a concert in Ireland.