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the nail at the end of a finger

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"We have been doing art together with my kids for years, using their hair and fingernails," he explained.
Effects of hand cleansing with antimicrobial soap or alcohol-based gel on microbial colonization of artificial fingernails worn by health care workers.
How many times do you think you will get all new fingernails in that year?
Under the heading "Fingernails," Article 2-302.11 of Chapter 2 states:
The most common fingernail changes observed were pitting, onycholysis and subungual hyperkeratosis, and the most common toenail changes were onycholysis and subungual hyperkeratosis which was also observed in our study.
Fingernail psoriasis occurs in up to 55% of people living with psoriasis and up to 70% of people living with psoriatic arthritis.
Fingernail clipping is a necessary activity for people because nails are one of the few parts of the human body that constantly grows.
He then explained on his Twitter site: "Unfortunately had to wd from qualifier this morning because of an infected fingernail in my left hand.
BRITAIN'S inclement weather is the key to healthy fingernails, new research suggests.
He has also created such eccentric art as a bird skeleton utilizing his own fingernail parings, a latex cast of his body inflated with air, and clocks fashioned from a Coke can, a manila envelope, and a toothpaste tube.
With a painted-white fingernail, Donyale checks for unseen flecks of stray mascara; she sinks below the frame's horizon but then bobs to the surface, rescued, her eyeliner queenly as before.
However, if your fingernail directly touches the image of your nail, then beware, for it is a two-way mirror.
In four of the nine attacks in the Tottenham area of north London, he has bitten off at least part of one fingernail.
Opie says her past portraits of blood-play aficionados connect to the more recent images of fingernail salons.
Summary: Leeds [UK], Aug 6 (ANI): Scientists have developed '2D' gold so fine that even a human fingernail is thicker in comparison.