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a young or small fish

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A further 20,000 golden perch fingerlings and 40,000 silver perch will be stocked on Wednesday, creating an exciting new freshwater fishery on the doorstep of Mildura and bringing the total native fish stocked to 80,000.
Zehra S, Khan MA (2013) Dietary isoleucine requirement of fingerling catla, Catla catla (Hamilton), based on growth, protein productive value, isoleucine retention efficiency and carcass composition.
In order to examine the hypothesis that stress during transport of Nile tilapia fingerlings can be reduced using appropriate doses of anesthetics, we assessed the effects of various concentrations of menthol, eugenol and benzocaine on the time interval for anesthesia induction, changes in biochemical and hematological parameters, and the survival rates of fingerlings by simulating the conditions normally used for transport.
species that have well developed breeding technologies also have increased fingerling availability, thus lower prices and rearing costs compared to species whose technology is still being developed.
Abstract The possibility of locally available plant meals as a replacement of soybean meal as dietary protein source for Catla catla fingerlings was evaluated under intensive rearing condition in glass aquarium for 60 days.
Since its start, the Specialty Potato Alliance has introduced three new fingerling varieties to the market: the Red Rebel, the Rockey Rose and a purple variety called Merlot.
The decision to change the brand name was based on the growth and successful sales of quality organic fingerlings over the past 10 years.
Few have guidelines for juveniles or adults, but most agencies set goals for fry and fingerling numbers.
As he reads the book, creepily narrated by a detective named Fingerling (also played by Carrey), Walter realizes he and the protagonist have an unsettling number of things in common.
Walter delves into the pages, immersing himself in the story of a tormented detective called Fingerling (Carrey) and his murderous encounter with a vamp, Fabrizia (Madsen).
And given that the book's character, a hard- boiled detective named Fingerling (also Carrey), seems intent on murdering the mean moll mama (Virginia Madsen) in his life, Walter begins to fret over the terrible things he might do to his woman, an adoring wife named Agatha (Madsen again).
This Fingerling guy reminds me of my life ( it's weird," Walter tells his wife, as events on the page strike a chilling chord.
Some students have sung trout release songs, or recited poems while emptying a fondly named fingerling from a plastic cup into its new river home.
Fingerling potatoes, for example, are tastier and much more colorful.