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a young or small fish

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Many of those opportunities come in the form of specialty potatoes such as fingerlings, reds, yellows, purples and creamers.
Few have guidelines for juveniles or adults, but most agencies set goals for fry and fingerling numbers.
"This Fingerling guy reminds me of my life - it's weird," Walter tells his wife.
"This Fingerling guy reminds me of my life ( it's weird," Walter tells his wife, as events on the page strike a chilling chord.
Students raise the trout (or salmon depending oil the school's location), from eggs to alevin to fry to fingerlings in their classroom.
"Fingerling" is a popular term used to describe long, thin-skinned, fingerlike potatoes that come in a variety of flavors and colors.
To determine temperature tolerance, we exposed fingerlings (ca.
"The new aeration system helps keep the water fertile by producing a constant supply of dissolved oxygen to the fingerling fish and pond organisms.
Fingerling mortality rate is usually high--50 percent or more a month--but less than that of fry.
Aquaculture production improved by six percent to 550,000 MT amid better government interventions on the distribution of fingerlings and other planting materials.
The lake was so rich in natural nutrients that the fingerling grew like Topsy.
The problem with rotifers and Artemia, Place observes, "is that they are not nutritionally balanced for the [young] fish." So, his team has been "playing games" with the fingerling's tiny prey, tinkering with their fats, he says.
Reported costs per fish ranged from 3 cents for fingerling largemouth, Florida, and smallmouth bass to $3 for advanced fingerling smallmouth.
Fingerling Friday on YouTube was a big part of what propelled the toy in the right direction.