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a young or small fish

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Fingerling sterlet sturgeons (Acipenser ruthenus) were obtained from Gyeonggi Province Maritime and Fisheries Research Institute, Gyeonggido, Korea.
After years of trials, the company has released three new fingerling varieties that are exclusive to the alliance.
Observations on the location of fingerling LMB prior to removal of the simulated-plant treatment suggested most surviving LMB fingerlings were at or near the water surface, in the densest areas, in the composite treatments, yet were scattered throughout the water column in the vertical treatments.
To serve: In bowl, place fingerling discs and top each with a
After Chapter 22 there was nothing," he confides in voiceover, "The number had come after Fingerling and now it was coming after me.
Initially the film is intriguing as Carrey delves into his chilling book, and there is a lot of style to the sequences featuring the book's lead character, a noir detective named Fingerling.
And given that the book's character, a hard- boiled detective named Fingerling (also Carrey), seems intent on murdering the mean moll mama (Virginia Madsen) in his life, Walter begins to fret over the terrible things he might do to his woman, an adoring wife named Agatha (Madsen again).
This Fingerling guy reminds me of my life ( it's weird," Walter tells his wife, as events on the page strike a chilling chord.
Some students have sung trout release songs, or recited poems while emptying a fondly named fingerling from a plastic cup into its new river home.
Each tank holds 12,000 litres of water and contains 5,000 fingerling catfish.
I liked all of them for various reasons: Yukon Gold for an all-purpose early with yellow flesh and real potato flavor; Red Dale for an extra early red, which I like better than Pontiac; Alaska Sweetheart for a midseason all-purpose red with unique flavor; Ruby Crescent, a fingerling with unusual looks, a good keeper if the weather is dry and it makes hash browns or mashed yellow fleshed potatoes; Australia Crawler is a boiling potato deluxe.
The new pond aeration system will produce an additional 435,000 fingerling fish each year at the hatchery, including 400,000 walleye, 10,000 muskie and 25,000 bass.
Menu includes Pork Pt With Juniper Berries and Swiss Chard; Asparagus Vinaigrette With Chopped Egg and Toasted Walnuts; Wood Oven-Roasted Quail With Potato-Leek Gratin and Watercress Salad or Pan-Fried Trout, Sorrel Sauce, Fricassee of Fingerling Potatoes and Pearl Onions; Artisan Goat Cheese With Spiced Apple Compote; and Pistachio-Almond Cake With Kirsch Cream and Preserved Cherries.