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a guidepost resembling a hand with a pointing index finger


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a narrow strip of wood on the neck of some stringed instruments (violin or cello or guitar etc) where the strings are held against the wood with the fingers

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Improving aural skills and geographical knowledge of the fingerboard were two major objectives in the intonation teachings.
Method 3, exercise: dead hanging on a fingerboard with weights or without weights Volume Intensity Rest Effect intervals Duration Repetitions Maximal-- 2-3 min Maximal strength, near intramuscular maximal coordination From 2-4 up 6-8 to 6-8 sec Table 5.
She cut out the fingerboard inlays by hand as well, pressing the pearl into a mud-like paste until it lay flush with the plane of the fingerboard.
In November 2009, federal agents raided the premises of the world-famous guitar maker Gibson in Nashville and seized a shipment of ebony fingerboard blanks, documents and guitars.
Fingerboarding is just like skateboarding," says Noah McKiernan of Tech Deck, the fingerboard maker that hosted the competition.
What was invented by physician John Harvey across the fingerboard of a guitar?
A jazz player might have the strings a lot closer to the fingerboard since they're plucking the strings a lot, and the orchestra player wants different things because they really need to make the thing bar.
The guitar is cherry red with a black scratchplate and dot fingerboard markers.
Modern variations of these original designs are very prevalent, but all feature a hollow body most often made of wood with a soundboard, generally having a single sound hole, an attached fingerboard and a bridge attached more or less centrally to the soundboard to which the strings are tied.
This concept is intended to be expanded by using more complex harmonic progressions in both major and minor keys based on actual compositions of the standard jazz repertory, and through the introduction of new chord voicings in different string-sets and positions of the guitar to increase the available note range of the improvised melodies and general familiarity of the guitar fingerboard.
Here, too, the laborious but still pleasurable act of learning to play an instrument, the picking out of harmonies on the fingerboard, the voice groping for possible melodies that don't yet have words to them, show us the process of articulating a meaning of one's own.
wide fingerboard, figured maple back and a sunburst finish, the release says.
Ken's router table fingerboard works a lot better than an ordinary featherboard because it presses the workpiece against the router fence all the way through the cut.
Here is a chart of your mandolin fingerboard with some notes on it.