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a flat protective covering (on a door or wall etc) to prevent soiling by dirty fingers

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At the end of this period, the finger plates were removed and the wells to which the samples were applied were washed 3 times with tris-glycine electrode buffer (pH 8.3) to remove polymerization residues, and after the washing procedure, the wells were filled with the same buffer and 15 ul sample was applied to the wells (Laemmli, 1970).
From the Minton tiles in the hallway - similar to those found in St George's Hall - to the stunning timber work, coving and friezes and even the brass finger plates on the door, the house oozes original features.
pounds 3.50 for cleaning brass finger plates and horse brasses in a pub.
Trips to Edinburgh are planned, where the architectural salvage is predominantly Georgian because of the large number of Georgian houses there, and a good place to source materials such as door knobs and finger plates.
In a more complete obituary in the Newsletter of the Friends of St Cecilia's Hall and the Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments, Grant O'Brien says, `One of the things that I liked most about John was his roguish and slightly impish sense of humour.' I can concur heartily with these sentiments and am reminded that once I asked John how best to go about obtaining bone for the finger plates of a copy of an old instrument I was making.
Solid mahogany panel doors with carved wood architrave mouldings, original finger plates and brass handles help retain the original look.
This refurbished Edwardian terraced home in Gosforth retains many character features such as original doors with brass finger plates and some original fireplaces.