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food to be eaten with the fingers

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Patients with the debilitating condition can often struggle with cutlery, according to specialist matron for dementia Jane Green, which has led to Fazakerley hospital putting special finger food boxes on the menu.
The final episodes will deal with solitary snacking, luxurious Saturday night suppers, wicked desserts and coping with the party season, whether prepping easy, get-ahead dinners or festive finger food that oozes the wow factor.
In the early weeks of eating finger food, says Rapley, 'offering a hungry baby finger food is as irrelevant and frustrating as offering a hungry baby a toy'.
A new concept in finger food, Fusions consists of an outer shell of chicken, lamb, beef or rice filled with a sauce of curry or chutney.
This is due to fast food, finger food, TV meals and families no longer eating together.
HELEN LEDERER is feeling the pressure as she performs her new play - Finger Food - at The Fringe.
Pete's Tofu2Go is a line of delicious finger food that comes in several varieties, each with a different dipping sauce.
In response, Newly Weds Foods has developed the idea and ingredients to produce MealStix -- a variety of popular main meals neatly recreated in a portable, finger food form.
Baby milk makes up more than half the market, while baby food contributes 38% of value, and finger food 9%.
However, giving solid finger food is not always the best of all ideas, she believes.
A couple of years ago you could only get skinless, wingless, pre-packed, sterile chicken breasts, and with not much flavour or texture,but now finger food is back.
Sauerkraut can score points with party guests by adding heartier flavor to grilled foods, finger food, appetizers, and even dips.
Though a small sector, the finger food market is growing faster than any other category, with value up 19.
The range concentrates on snack and finger food favorites, running the gamut from microwaveable Chicken Burger twin-packs in 140-gram boxes to Cheese-filled Jalapenos and Mozzarella Sticks (with red pepper dip) in 300-grain boxes.
He succeeds Lourenco de Sottomayor, who has taken over responsibility for the Iberian and North African market for the firm's frozen potato and finger food products.