finger's breadth

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the length of breadth of a finger used as a linear measure

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During cannula removal, you can also ensure that the edge of the mesh is at least one finger's breadth away from the pelvic side wall.
Something haunts me, as though another terrible memory is ready to pour into my mind and only a sheer finger's breadth of earth is holding it in place."
The longest toe on your foot should be a finger's breadth from the end of the shoe.
A puddle no deeper than a finger's breadth, formed in a hollow between the cobblestones of the highway, offers to the eye a downward view, below ground, of as wide a scope as the towering immensity of sky that yawns above.
The book is filled all but a finger's breadth. I shall lock it, wrap it and sew it unhandily in sailcloth and thrust it away in the locked drawer.
." ("If you dare to move a finger's breadth, a nail's breadth from that spot ...").